Kinect Sports Season 2 for Xbox Kinect Sensor

Since my first Xbox Kinect Sensor post, we have all been enjoying our Xbox in different ways. My main reason has been to lose weight, and I am so happy to have this tool at my fingertips.

As a family we get out and go for walks when it is nice, and I take our girls out to West Edmonton Mall or other attractions to walk when it is not, but that in itself is not going to help me lose my weight. I need a more intense workout and neither daughter would like it very much if I began sprinting with them in the stroller. I have a certain speed threshold that, when exceeded, I get a warning from my oldest that she is unable to enjoy her surroundings.

The second game I am featuring in the Xbox Kinect Sensor winter fitness lineup is Kinect Sports Season 2.

Featuring six new sports, this is a game that you can play on your own or with multiple people and is great for adding to your workout routine. Like I said in my first post, I like to change things up when I workout.

Sports included in this game are:

  • Football – you are the quarterback. Catch and pass the ball, then become a player and run towards the end zone for a touchdown. If you play this sport in single player mode, you don’t have to sit and watch as the other team does their plays as it skips over that for a faster turn around on your play time. This is the only sport that did not come with a quick game.
  • Skiing – race downhill trying to stay between the poles and make the jumps as they come up. This sport was fun to play on my own, but way more fun when I played against my husband. We played the game simultaneously and the Kinect Sensor just separated our actions and matched us with our characters on the screen. In the ‘Downhill Dodge’ quick game option under Skiing, you race downhill either through and under or over obstacles and try to get a good time. The goal is to get better with practice and improve your score.
  • Baseball – in this sport, you play on one team and you play both batting and field. So when your team is up to bat, you are all of the batters; when your team is in the field, you are the pitcher and some times you are in the field if you have a chance of catching the ball. Once you successfully bat, you run on the spot to get to first base and slide by stepping one of your feet out. In the ‘Home Run Hero’ game, you can practice your swing by hitting balls and you can work to improve your score here too. This is a good fast game if you just want to get some batting practice in.
  • Darts – not as intense as the other games on the disc, but still good if you are looking for a relaxing game that still gets you standing and moving. Both my husband and I tried this one separately and had different opinions. He was not a fan of it, but I actually enjoyed it and will be playing it again. The goal of the game is to get your score from 501 down to zero by hitting different spots on the dart board, then doubling out at the end. In this single player game, you watch both your and your opponent’s moves (the computer doesn’t skip over them, but it isn’t long at all). I played the quick game first to get the hang of using the darts and you just aim and throw at the balloons on the board.
  • Golf – in this sport, you play holes on a course. I played the single player match and it put me up against 3 others in a game. Once I was done my turns, the computer just added in what everyone else did, so I could continue playing without having to delay my workout while I watched the computer play. You can do fun things in this game like put your hand to your forehead (like you are looking a far distance) and the Sensor will show you the end of the course in more detail. On my first try, I finished the game at five under par on the Rookie setting. The short game here is called ‘Ocean Driver’ and you are on a boat and are shooting golf balls in to the water, trying to hit targets that pop up. The wind changes direction and you need to adjust your angle to compensate. This is a fun game to prepare for the course.
  • Tennis – My husband and I played together and laughed a lot. Okay, there was some arguments as to who was stepping on who’s turf while we played as this is also a simultaneous game, but it was fun nonetheless. In the quick game ‘Smash’ you warm up by hitting tennis balls as they are shot to you and try to hit mascots with them. Also a fun warm up game, or good if you just want to hit some tennis balls and instead of playing a game.

With each game, you get the option of playing on your own or with another player. All of the games start out on the Rookie setting, then once completed successfully, other levels open up.

From the main screen, you can turn on and access your fitness information by clicking on your name tab. It will show you the number of calories burned in this session and all time. You can also send a challenge out to another player in the room, or through Xbox live. If you are sending the challenge out to a friend through Xbox live, then you play your game, and when your friend logs in next, they will see that they have to play their turn.

So now, a few weeks later and I have more energy than I did before. I also find that my body is hurting less and I am still enjoying it. I’ve lost another two pounds since my last post and I am at 216 pounds, so down a total of 9 pounds since the new year.

If you want to learn more about Xbox, the Kinect Sensor, Kinect Sports Season 2 or any other games they have, make sure you visit the Xbox/Kinect Website.

You can find the Xbox 360 console, Kinect Sensor and Kinect Sports Season 2 anywhere that video games are sold in stores. You can also purchase Kinect Sports Season 2 on for $40.99 or for $42.27.

And remember, you can also buy the Xbox 360 console is also bundled with the Kinect Sensor and a Kinect Adventure Game. You can purchase this on for $299.99 or on for $279.84.

I’ll be back in a few weeks with my last review. I left this next title for the end because I needed the extra time to review it as it has a lot of great features.

Disclosure: I am participating in an online campaign involving Xbox 360, Kinect Sensor and various games. The following post is a reflection of my own personal thoughts and ideas and do not represent those of the named brand. Any claims of health benefits or weight loss are my personal results only.

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  • Avatar Mom & Dad Fuller Feb 14, 2012, 12:45 pm

    Way to go, Sheri. We are pulling for you and know you will keep it up and lose the weight you want to lose. With 2 children, we know your hands are full, and you are doing a great job. Hugs & kisses.

  • Avatar Doris C Feb 14, 2012, 12:02 pm

    We just got one for Christmas and bought the Disney game with the rides on it I will have to dig out the name because my sister borrowed it but I didn’t think I would like it but it feels like you are on the rides and I played with my niece and nephew for 4 hours straight!! This one was another I was interested in so thanks for the review I am going to purchase it now, the skiing looks fun! Thanks:)