iKnow Animals, Letters & Sounds Review

iKnow DVDsHave you ever played the ABC game in the car to pass the time during long trips? We used to play it for hours. We would pick a subject (cities, animals, etc) and we would go through the alphabet. Each person would take a turn and say an animal that started with the letter that we were on. A – Albatross, B-Bat, C-Cougar, D-Dolphin… and so on. Well, this is how Cindy Coleman, M.Ed. conceived the idea for the iKnow Animals, Letters & Sounds Beginning Reading System.

Cindy assembled a team of educators, curriculum and technology specialists, artists, musicians, animators, digital media and motion graphics developers, and the world famous San Diego Zoo to create an educational program for kids that incorporates a fun-filled learning experience with information on animals from around the world.

I received the iKnow Animals, Letters & Sounds DVD set and the ABC Cards to review. There are 4 DVDs in the set, each covering different locations. The San Diego Zoo, Africa, The Rain Forest and a music DVD each take the learner to different places. I think I enjoyed watching these DVDs just as much as Baby Bird did. She loves animals, so she stood and watched all of the animals as they came on the screen, then danced when the music started up. There were a few seconds where there was nothing but the background on the TV. Baby Bird started to crawl away, but as soon as another animal came on the screen she was back to watching and dancing. And she gave a little squeal when the Sea Lions came on. We have Sea Lions in West Edmonton Mall and I think she remembers seeing them. I couldn’t believe it.

The program focuses on one animal at a time. The speaker speaks very clearly and slowly and they foster learning through songs, repetition, sounding out words, reviewing the alphabet, and then the screen switches from an animated screen to real life. So you can see the animated animal and then see the animal in it’s natural state. The music is soothing and upbeat and I really like how they show the words to the songs they sing as well as they display the words and letters on the screen as the speaker talks. They also talk about the animals and their natural habitats and I learned a lot about some of these animals I had not known before.

iKnow CardsIncluded in the set is a deck of 52 letter-animal playing cards. The letters on the cards are textured so kids can touch the letters and get a feel for the shape of them. There are 26 animals on the cards, so each animal is on 2 cards. For example, there are 2 cards with the letter ‘G’ on them. There is a gorilla on both cards. On one, it is just a picture of a gorilla, on the other, it is a picture of the gorilla with scenery behind it. These cards would be great to play Go Fish with…I guess you could call it Go Gorilla!

There are also some online games that accompany this learning system where children can apply what they’ve learned from the DVDs. These online adventures focus on phonics, the alphabet, vocabulary, spelling, and comprehension.

I love this learning tool. Learning needs to be fun and interactive for kids and that is exactly what these DVDs and cards are. The story takes children on an adventure through the famous San Diego Zoo, a trek through the Rain Forrest and on Safari through Africa. With that much fun, kids don’t even realize they are learning something!

The complete learning system which includes the DVDs, ABC Cards and online activities retails for $49.99US. To learn more about and purchase the iKnow Animals, Letters & Sounds, you can visit the Take Pride Adventure Learning site.

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  • phyllisg Oct 29, 2009, 6:09 pm

    Elephants have captured our hearts. Of course we still love our dogs and cats.
    phyllisskoglund AT go DOT com

  • lorides Oct 29, 2009, 4:14 pm

    My 3 year old loves dogs at the moment before that is was bears

  • snowmermaid Oct 29, 2009, 4:07 pm

    I love giraffes! The hair pattern and anatomy is so unique!

  • Anonymous Oct 29, 2009, 2:49 pm

    Monkeys and zebras-
    Diane Baum

  • Miranda Oct 29, 2009, 1:38 pm

    My daughter Loves zebras

  • Robyn Oct 29, 2009, 11:33 am

    Although my little guy is too young to tell me his favourite animal I know he LOVES cats!!!!


  • Bethie Oct 29, 2009, 10:58 am

    My son's favorite animal is a dolphin.

    lizzi0915 at aol dot com

  • Tiffany819 Oct 29, 2009, 10:53 am

    My son loves cows. He is 21 months and says Mooo every time he sees a cow or thinks he sees a cow! LOL! Thank you!

    tiffanys819 at gmail dot com

  • Julie Oct 28, 2009, 8:53 pm

    My daughter loves horses :)


  • chazvgo Oct 28, 2009, 8:18 pm

    My boys love Lions :)

  • Brooke Oct 28, 2009, 7:21 pm

    I love a ton of animals and all for different reason but the wolf is tops… My son loves dolphins and whales… while my daughter is more into pandas and other sweet looking creatures that are mean.. lol

  • Jammie Oct 28, 2009, 5:16 pm

    My daughter has many favorite animals when she was 3 she told santa her favorite was a giraffe. I think she was just trying to let santa know she knew big words. I would have to say now her favorite animal is cats.

  • cdmarteny Oct 28, 2009, 2:51 pm

    sons fav. animal is a dragon ,real lizards or img.dragons cdmarteny@mywebdesk.com

  • Angela C Oct 28, 2009, 2:29 pm

    My kids favorite animal is dogs.

  • cpsnsamples Oct 28, 2009, 2:22 pm

    my sons favorite animal is cats….


  • dreamcleavers Oct 28, 2009, 12:43 pm

    my favorite animal is a monkey, especially baboons.

  • Renee Oct 28, 2009, 12:32 pm

    We LOOOOOVE cats!

  • Anonymous Oct 28, 2009, 12:23 pm

    My daughters favorite animal is a dog.


  • degood Oct 28, 2009, 11:53 am

    My son loves zebras


  • Angela G Oct 28, 2009, 11:05 am

    My son loves monkeys!

  • Heather M Oct 28, 2009, 10:46 am

    I Love Horses and My daughter's favorite is the Alligator!

    hmahan_0529 @yahoo dot com

  • roseh2o19 Oct 27, 2009, 8:47 am


  • dispatcher_kristy Oct 27, 2009, 1:31 am
  • Teaching Mommy Oct 26, 2009, 7:57 pm

    My little boy loves ALL animals – the cow was his first animal sound, but now he knows all the animal sounds I can think of. He enjoys playing with cats and dogs, and names every animal that he sees.


  • Anonymous Oct 25, 2009, 11:09 pm

    i would say birds as my daughter loves listening to them.

  • Kathie Oct 25, 2009, 9:38 am

    Such an exceptional idea. Children learn much more positively with visual cues. Terrific for anybody's "library" Thank you.

  • mail4rosey Oct 24, 2009, 5:31 pm

    My daughter really likes the dolphin.


  • Anonymous Oct 23, 2009, 11:52 am

    My favorite animal is a cat! My daughter seems to like dogs better..

    I'm amym_brown@hotmail.com


  • AStarrA Oct 23, 2009, 8:51 am

    My daughter adores dogs/puppies so much

  • texaslady22 Oct 23, 2009, 8:49 am

    My son's favorite animal is a llama.


  • Anonymous Oct 22, 2009, 8:19 pm

    My niece loves dogs.
    You can reach me at itsmewhoelse@live.ca

  • Anonymous Oct 22, 2009, 11:41 am

    My son saw a show about komodo dragons and has been talking about them since, so I'm going with the komodo dragon!
    greenlancer at comcast dot net

  • lsfish Oct 21, 2009, 4:28 pm

    I love Guinea Pigs!

  • Stephanie Oct 21, 2009, 2:50 pm

    My son really loves Monkeys

  • kdkdkd Oct 21, 2009, 10:08 am

    My boys LOVE bears, especially the Panda bear

  • Katrina Oct 21, 2009, 8:25 am

    right now my daughter loves cats and lions

    ykatrina at hotmail dot com

  • Sarah Oct 20, 2009, 9:26 am

    We are all giraffe lovers!

  • Kristie Oct 20, 2009, 8:56 am

    The kids and I love cows! :-)

    khmorgan_00 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  • daizee Oct 20, 2009, 8:35 am

    My son's favorite animal is a zebra.

  • erin m. Oct 20, 2009, 3:15 am

    My little sister loves

    but we live in the mountains and can't have one
    cause they'd be in danger from coyotes!
    so Plush animals will do

  • Shop with Me Mama Oct 20, 2009, 12:05 am

    We all love the Elephants! Thanks for the chance :)


  • Michelle AKA blabla3269 Oct 19, 2009, 8:47 pm

    one child is a horse lover
    next is a dog and the baby and our dog share kisses every five minutes so I would have to say hers is a dog too

  • Mamushi Love Oct 19, 2009, 7:16 pm

    My God-daughter and her brother love dogs/puppies.

  • Sue E Oct 19, 2009, 6:54 pm

    My little boy loves dogs. His uncle has 2 dogs and he goes crazy when he stops by for a visit. He doesn't say many words, but he can say each of their names. Thanks for the chance to win!


  • Stephanie Oct 19, 2009, 5:09 pm

    My little boy loves dogs
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  • cdziuba Oct 19, 2009, 3:23 pm

    cdziuba@aol.com My son loves tigers, and I like cats.

  • Mysharona Oct 19, 2009, 2:33 pm

    My daughter loves dogs.

  • thesehappydays Oct 18, 2009, 11:09 pm

    My favourite animals are giraffes!

  • audrey hayes Oct 16, 2009, 9:43 am

    One of my daughters loves giraffes and the other unicorns (hmmm?). I've tried to explain but she won't listen.

  • Anonymous Oct 16, 2009, 8:38 am

    This sounds really helpful for our homeschooing! I have 3 children, and we all love leaning about animals! We watch any, and all shows about animals we can get a hold of. The oldest, Nick, loves dinosaurs, Dmitri is into cheetahs, because they're fast:), Aleah, my youngest, likes dolphins ( because she likes them :)

    Joanna (at) telusplanet (dot) net

  • nadine Oct 15, 2009, 7:13 pm

    Wow!! That looks awesome!!

  • Heidi Oct 15, 2009, 5:56 pm

    My 13 month old daughter loves animals; particularly lions, bears and zebras. Her nursery is actually a "jungle" theme, and I have animal decals all over her wall which she loves! I point and make the sounds to her delight lol.

    This sounds like it would not only be educational, but fun and bright at the same time– the way learning SHOULD be :)

  • Jocelyn Oct 15, 2009, 5:10 pm

    Hi! My daughter's fave animal would be moose. Fitting – we're Alaskans!


  • Anonymous Oct 15, 2009, 4:40 pm

    My two year old son loves all animals. Some days he is a puppy and goes woof woof. Sometimes he is a cat and goes meow and as of late he is a dinosaur. I woke up this morning with his nose pressed to mine and he ROOAAAARD. LOL. The other day a little one pushed him over at the park and he hissed at the poor kid. It might be time for people friends :)

    I can be reached at chandra_lynette@yahoo.ca

  • charity23 Oct 15, 2009, 4:19 pm

    My son's fav is a monkey which he calls 'Munk'


  • Nadine Oct 15, 2009, 4:13 pm

    I really like the sounds of this product. My granddaughter really likes dogs right now I think because we have a chocolate lab who she hugs and kisses like crazy. They sit and play together in the sunroom every morning. They play tug of war with his stuffed animals.I think she would really enjoy and benefit from this learning tool.

    You can reach us at "njg525(at)gmail(dot)com"

  • Pam Oct 15, 2009, 4:00 pm

    I love elephants and giraffes. My son's favourite at the moment is a worm. It could change tomorrow though, and likely will.

    melacan at hotmail dto com

  • Steph Oct 15, 2009, 3:37 pm

    What a great sounding product! My daughters favourite animal right now are birds, every time we go outside she is constantly looking up at the sky squealing "bird, bird, bird!", reminds me of Bambi when he is learning to talk. My son's favourite would be a toss up between a lizard and a dinosaur (does dinosaur count since they are extinct). He crawls around on the floor pretending he is a lizard in the jungle and is going to get us all!

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