I am a LEGO DUPLO Play Agent #LEGODUPLOplay

Me: “Look what came in the mail today, LEGO.”

Oldest Daughter: “I don’t want to play with LEGO.”

Me: “That’s okay, your sister and I will play.”

Youngest Daughter: “Ma ma mam … agaaa” As she digs in to one of the LEGO DUPLO sets we received, sticks it in her mouth and starts dancing.

Oldest Daughter: “Mom, she’s doing it wrong.” Turning to my youngest “You’re doing it wrong. Here, let me show you what to do. Okay, fine, I’ll play too!” Now, she said that last part with a huge sigh, but when it came time to put our LEGO away, she was the one who wanted to play ‘a little longer’.

This started our first hour of play together and my first of MANY play experiences that I can’t wait to share with you as a LEGO DUPLO Play Ambassador.

My favorite learning moment with LEGO so far was when my oldest was trying to make steps with her LEGO DUPLO, but the kept falling over because there was just the zigzag of the steps with nothing to hold it up. When she realized that she could keep her steps standing if she built it up from the back as well she had such a proud smile on her face because she figured it out on her own w

As children, my sister and I had our own bin of LEGO DUPLO that we loved. My sister has that same bin in her basement tat they bring out when we visit. Talk about standing the test of time. Over 30 years later, and they still work exactly as they did when we were kids.

LEGO and LEGO DUPLO contributes to the development of many necessary skills for children. From fine and gross motor skills to using imagination and team work, there are so many different uses for LEGO. The best part is that children have fun. They get all of these added benefits from just playing.

Pictured above, I received LEGO DUPLO Large Bricks Box, LEGO DUPLO Play with Letters, LEGO DUPLO Bricks and Books, a Samsung Wi-Fi Digital Camera and 100 $5 off coupons that I have been busy sharing with friends, family and anyone I meet in my travels.

I took a quick video of my youngest daughter’s favorite part of the package here.

I am excited to be a part of the LEGO DUPLO ambassador program for the next seven months and can’t wait to share more information with you.

Disclosure: I am a LEGO DUPLO Play Agent and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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