How to Get Rid of Crows

This will be our fourth summer in our house. For the past three summers we have been bothered by crows all summer long. Last year I swear one was trying to carry away our poor cat. They would perch in the trees and on the fence around our yard and caw so loud. I’m against killing crows, but this pushed us to our limits. They would also sit on the roof above our window and make loud horrible sounds early in the morning. Last but not least, they drove all other birds out of our area and left food in our eaves troughs and in our bird bath – super gross!

This year we decided we would try something new. Our top suggestion was buying a be-be gun and learning to shoot. There’s a whole lot that can go wrong with that idea.

So a couple of weeks ago Papa Bird came up with a great idea. He read online that if you put a dead crow in the yard, other crows will stay away. Back to the be-be gun idea (just kidding). We have a couple of fake crows that we use in our Halloween decorations, so we put them out in the front and back yard on their sides. The crows kind of stayed away for the week. They wouldn’t come IN the yard, but they still stayed close by. Then one week later, I was in the living room and there was a crow in the front yard picking at our impostor. Then out of nowhere the crow grabbed it and tried to fly away with it. I ran outside and stopped him just in time. That crow was 3 feet off the ground and dropped our poor guy on the street in front of our house.

Back to the drawing board. We picked up both crows and put them on the patio while we reassessed the situation. That was one week ago, and since the fake crows have been upright on the back deck, I haven’t seen ONE crow. I haven’t even heard them. I’m starting to think we’ve found the answer (by mistake) and that maybe making it look like foreign crows are in the yard/area, it has driven the other crows out. I’m hoping these impostors will give us a nice quiet summer.

No crows in a week is a good sign to me…

Update: I tried separating the crows (for wider coverage) and one of them seems to have been turned around somehow. Not sure how that happened, but I think the trick is to have at least two crows together. Kind of like “fight me, fight my gang” type of thing…

Another Update: They stayed away for a few weeks, but now they are back in the area. They don’t come into the yard as much as they did, but it is enough of an annoyance that we are going to look into getting a fake owl to see if they work.

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