HEXBUG Nano: Fun For Kids — and Pets Too!

Our daughter is at the age where she would like to play alone, but the toys don’t play by themselves, so she gets bored easily.

We recently received some products from the HEXBUG Nano line to try out, and I was excited to get them going to see her reaction.

HEXBUG entered the toy industry in 2007 with micro robotic creatures (bugs). Their goal was to introduce children to robotics and give them positive experiences with them at a young age. The toys are small and resemble different types of bugs, imitating either their appearance or movement.

The HEXBUG Nanos have a rapid, jittery, bug-like movement and they come in different colours. They operate on one small battery (AG13/LR44) and there is a button on the bottom to turn them on and off.

We received a few different sets to try out along with the Nanos and I couldn’t build a Nano world fast enough for my daughter. As soon as she found out they moved like little bugs, she was hooked. I quickly set up the tracks for the Nanos to move along and showed her how they turn on and she played for a couple of hours straight the first day. She moved them around, squealed when they got stuck and enjoyed helping them along.

I moved back so she could do some alone play and watched as our cat slowly walked up and sat herself beside the tracks. She watched the little bugs with great interest and I’m positive that the only reason she didn’t pounce was that she sensed that these may be our new ‘pets’ and doing so may seal a certain fate for her.

The tracks of the various sets fit together easily and each set is interchangeable and fits with every other set in the Nano line. The games are for ages 3+, but the assembly is for a little older than three years old as I put the tracks together for my daughter.

This is a fun toy to play with, collect, and build on. There are numerous Nano sets that you can build either individually or combine them together to build even bigger sets. A couple of the sets and Nano bugs glow in the dark and there are even some rare and hard to find Nano colours.

One Nano bug sells for about $6.99 (the glow in the dark version sells for $9.99) and you can buy a set of 5 for about $25 – $35. The sets range from basic, starter sets up to larger scale sets. One thing I like about these sets is that you can buy additional bridges (tracks) to further customize your Nano world.

I recommend buying additional batteries if you are giving these as a gift. The batteries are about $4 for a pack of two. You can buy the Nanos and the sets online on the HEXBUG website, or at Toys R Us across Canada, the US and online.

* I received some Nanos and sets from the HEXBUG Nano line for free to complete my review. The opinions expressed in this post are ours only and are in no way influenced by any outside factors.

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