Happy Valentine’s Day: How Are You Celebrating? #LMDConnector

We have been getting ready for Valentine’s Day around here for a couple of weeks now. Our traditions for this day are simple and fun. Both my husband and I have had our individual time alone with our daughters to craft a very special gift for the other person as well as a home made card. This year, we decided to make a picture frame with both of our daughter’s names in sparkly letters, because dad could really use a glittery frame for his office.

Not sure what I am getting yet and I am so excited to find out. My husband and I got our girls a card, and some little chocolates and candies for our oldest (our youngest is only 9 months old).

Today, for lunch, my daughters and I are going out for what we call a ‘ladies lunch’. The girls will dress up in skirts or dresses and we will head out to a fancy restaurant and have a proper meal, just us girls. There will be conversation, pictures and dessert. We go every now and then and this is the perfect day for some ‘girl time’.

Tonight, I am trying out a new dinner. I found a sauce while I was shopping last week that inspired me. The recipe is looking pretty good in my head and I hope it transfers well to the plate. Recently I have taken to just making things up and so far it has worked out. If not, I have some back up Valentine’s Day recipes on the Life Made Delicious website that I will fall back on.

What about you? Do you have any special traditions for Valentine’s? Or are you ding something completely new this year?

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