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This year, we are turning our den/guest room in to an office and I am so excited. I get more space, and I get to work on designing it. I collected some pictures for inspiration and am working on a design plan. I’m giddy with excitement. I love every part of decorating.

Part of the new design will be the painting. Right now, the den is a brown colour, and I am determined to move away from neutrals. So far, I am torn between green and light blue.

Just as important as choosing a great colour, is choosing the equipment to put the paint on the walls. I’ve painted a lot of rooms in my life, and choosing between good quality gear and the cheap stuff makes a huge difference. Its the difference between doing it once and having a great looking room, and doing it once then realizing you need to sand and redo it because some of the brush or roller came off all over the wall. That happened.

One of my favorite lines to use while painting is SHUR-LINE. They offer a wide variety of good quality painting equipment to do just about any job that you need and the whole line is very affordable.

If you have a painting project on your to-do list this summer, these items can help you out.

Easy Reach Extendable Pole: Okay, I have one thing I don’t like to do when decorating and that is painting ceilings. I get such a sore back. The extendable pole is very strong so it doesn’t bend, and it extends to three different heights from 30″ to 60′ to reach various ceiling heights. It all happens with an easy click of a button and it moves smoothly without requiring force. The Easy Reach can fit a number of other SHUR-LINE products so you can do a lot of high up tasks without stepping on a ladder.

The new SHUR-LINE Easy Reach® poles are available at Home Depot, Home Hardware and Lowes with a suggested retail value of $29.99.

SHUR-LINE Edge Like a Pro: The wrong  trim paint edger can be very messy and for that reason, I began just trimming walls free hand. This new edger addresses all of my issues and I can’t wait to try it out this summer.

Edge Like a Pro features a retractable guide that lifts the wheels out of the way when paint is being applied.  It also features a pad ejection system that allows the user to remove the paint-filled pad with the push of a button, making it much easier to clean than traditional edgers.  The Edge Like a Pro features an ergonomic handle that swivels and can be used in a hand held manner.  It is also threaded for attachment to all standard poles.

The SHUR-LINE Edge Like a Pro ceiling and trim paint edger is available at The Home Depot, Lowes and Home Hardware stores for a suggested retail price of $5.49.

SHUR-LINE Easy Release Frame: This item reminds me of the times I spent fighting to get the paint roller off of the holder. It also reminds me of other times when I was painting furiously only to have the roller slip off the holder.

The Easy Release frame is designed with a lever system that allows the user to release the roller cover for cleaning or disposal.  With one squeeze of the lever the roller cover is released from the frame, making clean up a breeze.

It is also equipped with a patent pending cage design that prevents the roller cover from slipping off the frame and it works with any standard roller cover.

The new SHUR-LINE Easy Release Frame is available at Lowes with a suggested retail value of $8.98.

To learn more about SHUR-LINE, including how-to videos for using their products, you can check out the SHUR-LINE website.

What’s your next painting project?

Disclosure: I received a SHUR-LINE package for free to complete my feature. The opinions expressed in this post are mine only and are in no way influenced by any outside factors.

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