5 Gifts for a New Mom, That Don’t Suck!

Getting a gift for a new mom isn’t as tough as it sounds. Here are some gift ideas and gestures that will be appreciated in her first year at home, and some of them won’t cost a cent.

5 Gifts for a New Mom That Don't Suck! Original photo by baibaz on fotolia

Gift cards in small denominations

When I think back to my maternity time with my daughter, I think of mall walking in the winter months. When I wasn’t exhausted, I would pack her a meal and some snacks and we would spend a few hours walking in the mall. I always timed it around her naps so that I could walk and window shop for a couple of hours in silence.

In hindsight, when the holidays and my birthday came around and people asked me what I wanted, I should have said gift cards. The mall walk was always nice but since we were down an income when I was on maternity leave, I had to justify my purchases and fun extras were often left on the shelf.

Many of us have the luxury of living close to a mall, so look up the closest mall that your friend will be walking around and find as many stores as possible to get gift cards from.

Don’t just go for one big gift card though. Drop the denominations and buy multiple cards instead. Most places sell gift cards starting at $5 to $10 denominations, and this would make for a fun outing. The gift cards could also be saved for multiple trips and then ‘mom’ always has something to shop for when it’s mall walking time.

You can find a lot in stores for the $5 to $10 price range. Our new mom can pick up some cosmetics at great price points at London Drugs, small tea packets to sample at David’s Tea, a notebook at Chapters, clothing on sale at most retailers, and more.

New mom can also stop in for a coffee, breakfast/lunch, treat, or even a movie since some theatres have special movie times for those with babies that include dimmed lighting (not dark), strollers allowed, and a lower volume.

I went to one of these movies once with my first daughter when she was nine months. I planned it out like a rock star and she fell asleep just before the movie started and woke up just before the final credits. It was absolute bliss.

Time away from the baby

There will be some days during that first year when every new mother can barely get out of bed let alone put on her adult pants and be responsible for a baby all day.

Between multiple late night feedings, diaper changes, and meltdowns, some times we wake up worse off then when we went to sleep the night before.

If you have some extra time to spare, consider offering to drop by on a rough day and entertain that new bundle of joy while your friend takes a nap, takes a break, takes a shower, or gets something done that has been on their list for awhile.

If they are napping, they are in the same house if you need to wake them for anything, and a refreshed mom will appreciate the time you took to help her out.

Some days were really hard during my first year. If you’ve never been on mat leave, the perception can be that we are so luck to stay at home. We can do whatever we want during the day. Shop, go for lunch, watch TV while eating junk food. While we are lucky where our children are concerned, the reality is that most of us are so sleep deprived that we have no energy for that. We haven’t showered in three days and we are wearing our child’s breakfast (and most of their lunch).

Subscription box

So as new parents, we don’t have a lot of time for some things, but subscription box themes vary and you can find one that will fit your friend’s schedule and interests.

A subscription box is something that you pay for (a subscription) and a box is sent out monthly to your new mom with fun surprises in it. It’s like the new Jam of the Month Club.

You can find boxes for almost every interest out there. From crafting to food, wine, candy, household items, clothing, makeup, beer, and more. You can set up a gift and send the boxes right to your new mom and she’ll appreciate getting something just for herself each month.

To search for a subscription box, just enter the item you are interested in with ‘subscription box’ after it into any search engine.

Your company

As a new mom in my first year, I was a lot frazzled. Wonky sleep times, never-ending diaper changes (which often leads to never-ending laundry), and playing peek-a-boo all day will do that to a new mom.

There are times that I just wanted to hear about my husband’s day, not because I cared (which I did), but because I just wanted to hear an adult voice and have a grown up responsible conversation that included adulty things.

At times I felt like the world was going on without me. I knew I’d jump back on that moving bus at some time, but for the time being I felt like I was walking my mom-path alone.

Just having someone who would drop by and connect me to the outside world meant so much some days. So whether it is dropping by for a visit, or planning a dinner out and away from home and baby for an evening, the value of your presence might mean the world to your friend.

All you can read digital magazines

Texture (formerly Next Issue) has over 100 magazines that you can read, and read again. This includes current issues and back issues and is available for $9.99 per month. Magazines include everything from fitness to current events including People, Macleans, celebrity, all the trash you can consume, yoga, design and more.

I would have loved this subscription when I was at home with my daughter as I felt my first 15 minutes with adults always involved me being so out of touch with what was trendy or current news.

Moms, what was the best gift you ever received for yourself? Any other ideas to add to the list? Leave a comment below.

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