Healthy Swaps for a Healthier Life

This week’s Commit to Fit challenge through Subway had us focusing on making healthy swaps during our day. Sometimes a swap can be almost unnoticeable, and other times, it’s a game changer. Carls Crew Heathy Swap1

Healthy swaps can be food, exercise, and even a shift in mindset. The point is that the change is meant to take you one step closer to your goal which, in my case, is living a healthier lifestyle filled with habits that are achievable, manageable, and sustainable.

Carls Crew Healthy Swap 2

Before this challenge, I was already getting in the habit of swapping. Agave for honey, coconut oil instead of vegetable oil, and water instead of coffee / juice, etc. There is always more to be done, and more to learn. So I asked you, our amazing community what you like to swap out, and you submitted some fabulous answers.

So fabulous, that I’m listing them here so anyone can see them and get inspiration from your ideas.

Healthy Swap Ideas

“I substitute mayonnaise with Greek yogurt” Yuen C

“I like baking recipes that call for applesauce in place of the oil/fat.” Glogirl

“I often use yogurt instead of mayonnaise and maple syrup or honey instead of white sugar. I also try and use whole grain flours instead of white flours” Stacey Dempsey

“I substitute coconut flour in place of all purpose flour” Andrew P

“I substitute extra salt for very little salt ;)” Josh S

“I always needed to have chips with my sandwich/sub. I substitute that with carrot and celery sticks.” Kristen V

“I switch out meat for more veggies – skip the bacon and heavy dressings too.” Joy

“I substitute mayo for low fat mayo!” Tammy D

“I use quinoa in place of pasta or rice.” Melinda L

“I choose to now leave the mayo off my sandwiches and when I bake I use lots of applesauce/mashed bananas instead of oil.” Judy C

“When baking I switch white flour for whole grain flour and I cut back on the sugar.” Florence C

“I like to replace oil with applesauce in recipes as well as Greek yogurt for mayo.” Heidi C

“I substitute mayo with mashed avocado.” Eldon

“I substitute salt for Mrs. Dash or other salt substitute.” Angela M

“I always switch mayo for mustard.” Katrina B

“I switched to wraps instead of white sandwich breads.And use more ancient grains instead of white rice.” Silvia D

“I choose fresh herbs and spices to replace salt (or use much less salt).” Dreena

“I like to substitute the mayo for an avocado mushed up and spread on.” Anna W

“From white bread to whole wheat.” Seham M

“I use yogurt instead of sour cream and mayonnaise sometimes.” Nicole G

“I substitute whole wheat bread replacing white bread. I will use spinach instead of lettuce.” SueSueper

“I usually switch out the cheese for more cucumbers and lettuce.” Jeannie

A big thank you to everyone who gave some of their suggestions. I’m using a few of them this week.

Found on my afternoon walk in Toronto on my way back to catch the TTC to Union Station. I walked at least 3km and saw a couple of great stores I would have missed had I not chosen to walk instead of take a closer TTC. Photo credit: Sheri Landry

Found on my afternoon walk in Toronto on my way back to catch the TTC to Union Station. I walked at least 3km and saw a couple of great stores I would have missed had I not chosen to walk instead of take a closer TTC. Photo credit: Sheri Landry

The challenge I am currently participating in is the Commit To Fit challenge and I am working with Subway for a total of six weeks (two down, four to go). Other swaps I am making include choosing Subway as my choice to eat when faced with all of the fast-food options out there as well as what I choose to add to my sandwich. I’ve stopped adding bacon, extra cheese and full-fat mayonnaise and started asking for other breads as well as their honey-dijon mustard instead.

This next week’s challenge is to recruit a friend. It is too easy to stop doing something when you are only accountable to yourself. Working out with a friend makes the time go by faster and is a great way to increase your accountability.

Head over the Subway’s Facebook page and take the Commit to Fit Pledge along with me. After you click the button and allow the app on your page, then you click it again to take the pledge if it doesn’t automatically load for you. Everyone who takes the pledge will also be entered to win a $10,000 cash prize. Please see their page for full terms and information.

Anyone want to be my workout buddy? Long distance is fine too. I’ll check in next week with my results.

Until then, who would be your ideal workout buddy? Friend, family, personal trainer, coworker, other, etc. Let me know below.

Disclosure: I am proud to be one of Carls Crew in the Subway Commit To Fit Challenge.
This is a sponsored feature and I also received gift cards to facilitate this post.
Opinions and results are my own.

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