Fit to Flick: Hats for Ponytails

Until my youngest learns that grabbing and pulling hair is not fun for everyone, I have resigned myself to wearing my hair up in a ponytail when I am near her. Given that I am with my girls 24 hours a day, well, you get the picture — permanent ponytail. I’m fine with that, I can rock a pretty nice looking ponytail if I don’t say so myself. It does become a pain though when we go out for walks, or leave the house and I want to wear a hat.

The bulkiness of the extra hair tied up under hats is not only uncomfortable, it never looks good either.

Fit to Flick was created to give ponytail wearers a fashionable and practical option to regular hats. They carry hand-knit and Wicking fabric ponytail hats, as well as silk scarf hats, that are designed to function and look great with or without a ponytail.

I was sent the Swope Ponytail Hat in brown to review. The hat is soft, and comfortable. It is a turban-inspired knit and the design of the hat is very unique.

This is a photo of me wearing it out on a walk. All I have to do is feed my ponytail through the back and there is no additional bulk.

The hats have a slit at the back that are designed to fit the different heights that you may want to wear your ponytail at and if you want to wear the hat without the ponytail, the opening closes up and becomes unnoticeable.

The knit hats are available in one size fits all for women and start at $35. There are kids styles too for $30. Fit to Flick also sells silk hats starting at $44 and all of these items can be found on the Fit to Flick website. You can also like Fit to Flick on Facebook or follow Fit to Flick on Twitter.

Disclosure: I received a Fit to Flick knit hat for free to complete my feature. The opinions expressed in this post are mine only and are in no way influenced by any outside factors.

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  • Mom & Dad Fuller Apr 17, 2012, 5:07 pm

    What a great idea! Looks very stylish and comfortable, no doubt your girls will be wearing them soon as well. Hugs & kisses….

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