Father’s Day gifts that dad will love

Our girls are planning what to give/do for their dad already and Father’s Day is still a few weeks away. Since they are still young, we’ve been talking about gifts that they can really give (with the help of their mom… me), and without spending a lot of money. This is mostly because four and seven year olds don’t have careers yet so we are keeping costs low.

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Here are our top picks for gifts for dad that will mean a lot and not break the bank.

Time for his hobby

What does dad like to do that he can’t always find time for? Send him off for a few hours of uninterrupted time to rekindle his passion for his hobby. Our ‘dad’ loves vinyl so a few hours hitting some stores and maybe a couple of flea markets / garage sales will make his day.

A pass on chores

There are some things around here that ‘dad’ usually does all of the time. Since Father’s Day falls on a weekend, try cutting the grass on a Friday afternoon before he comes home from a busy week at work (for the older kids). Think about the chores that usually takes up dad’s time on the weekend and make a plan to take some off of his hands and free up some extra time for him.

Clean it up

There are chores, then there are some nice extras you can do. How about everyone grabbing a cloth, and a hose and washing the inside and outside of dads car so he can head back to work on Monday in style? Or you can tackle the garage/shed and get it ready for summer.

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Time out with friends

We all love being parents, but part of parenting is remembering to take time for yourself (without guilt) and catching up with friends. Give dad some time out with the guys on a different night. This works really well if you know the families of the other dads because you can coordinate a ‘dad play date’ for a specific date and surprise all of the dads involved.

Kid crafts / picture

This is on every list because it is true. We all love hand-made items from the kids. Big hits in this house from Father’s Days past have included kid-painted picture frames with pictures, and a coffee mug (that was painted and cooked to seal in the art) for dad’s office.

What did we miss? What are your favourite items to give to dad on Father’s Day? Any dads reading? What would you like to get from your kids?

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