Family Facts Pregnancy Organizer & Planner Review

OB appointments, ultrasounds, blood tests, urine tests, milestones, what to buy, favorite names and more. The list really goes on and on when you are expecting doesn’t it?

When we were expecting our first, I had everything written down in a notebook. It was far from organized and each time I needed to find something, I had to look through pages of information.

I recently found Pam Socolow’s Family Facts Organizers and among the different types of organizers you can choose is a Pregnancy Planner and Organizer.

This organizer was everything I needed during my first pregnancy and more and is organized in to four categories for quick reference; calendar, contacts, health and baby planning. The planner is also sealed in a plastic cover with a clasp to keep it closed and everything in it’s place.

Under the calendar section are lists for each trimester, plus a week-at-a-glance daily planner. And since not everyone gets pregnant at the same time, the dates and month is left blank for you to fill in so it matches where you are in the year.

In the Contact section, there is a place to list your healthcare providers, babysitter information and other contacts. My favorite feature of this section is the ‘Who to call when labour starts’ and ‘Who to contact after delivery’ pages. It is such a great idea to keep everything in one spot then there is no running around on the big day, plus in the whole excitement of delivery, you don’t want to accidentally leave someone out of the loop.

The health Section is really great for tracking your appointments, heart beat, blood pressure and other notes from your visits. There is also a section to track all of the lovely tests we get to endure like the gestational diabetes test, genetic screenings and other tests that come up.There is a question/answer section where you can write down your questions for your doctor, plus and additional notes area. And a handy healthcare log where you can track any problems you might be experiencing.

Then there’s the fun part; planning for your baby. Under Baby Planning, there are sections to write favorite girl and boy names, advice your friends have offered or thrown at you and a place to list websites you may want to frequent or books you may want to read. There are baby and self checklists to make sure you are ready for the arrival and an area to record gifts and registry information. There are a few more great pages in this category that cover everything that might come to mind when you are expecting.

Fun extras that this planner/organizer has:

  • stickers to add to your calendar to quickly mark weeks, events, appointments, etc.
  • plastic pocket to hold important papers like blood work, requests, etc
  • 3 place business card sleeve to hold OB cards, etc
  • sealed plastic pocket to hold small items like change
  • a pen and holder is included in the book so you always have something to write with

I like the depth of information in this planner and the fact that it is all wrapped up in an easy to carry container for toting around. Let’s face it, we carry enough things around with us during the day. It is nice to have something that carries a lot of information in a little package.

The Pregnancy Organizer & Planner is a must-have for anyone who is expecting and would make a great ‘congratulations’ or baby shower gift. It is available for purchase on the Family Facts website for $16.95. And while you are there, make sure you check out their other planners to fit your needs.

* I received the Pregnancy Organizer & Planner for free to complete my feature. The opinions expressed in this post are mine only and are in no way influenced by any outside factors.

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    Hey! I just stumbled upon your website. Great Info. Great to find another Edmonton Mama blog (:

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