EZ Sox Review

Little Bird is becoming such a big girl these days. At the young age of two and a half, she likes to do pretty much everything on her own. When I try to help, I usually get “No mom, me big girl. Do it myself.” She’s a big girl, in a toddler’s body, in a big world and (like any toddler) she gets frustrated when she is unable to do a task herself.

I recently heard about EZ Sox, a training sock of sorts that help teach your little big kids how to properly put their socks on. The socks have a grip on the bottom, which is a must in our household, and two handles at the top for little hands to grab and pull up with ease. Each sock also contains an image which is also great for training as kids should be able to see the picture to know the socks are going on right.

I received the pink piggie socks to try out. Instead of showing Little Bird how to get them on, a couple of weeks ago, I decided to lay them in the family room to see if she would figure it out on her own. Sure enough, she was curious and when I stepped away to get the camera, she put them on in a flash. I actually had to ask her to take them off and show me how she did it so I could get a picture/video. She was super proud of herself and couldn’t wait to take them off and show me how she figured them out on her own.

Here’s a video of the second time that Little Bird tried putting her socks on.

These socks are a great idea for anyone with kids and are perfect for kids who take pride in doing things themselves. They are sold through the EZ Sox online store individually for $4.99 each or as girls or boys 6-pack (with an extra free pair) for $29.94.

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  • Fiona Gregory Jan 18, 2011, 8:41 am

    Too cute! thanks for the video!

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