The End of an Era

Okay, the title is a little dramatic, but I think it fits. Last Monday, our daughter just went for it. No more diapers.

Here she is at almost 10 months old. Two years later and we are going diaper-freeeeeeeee!

Here she is at almost 10 months old. Two years later and we are going diaper-freeeeeeeee!

I’d like to tell you that we found some magic trick, but it just happened.

Our youngest daughter, at two years and nine months old just decided that she was ready to move on and she wanted to try out the fancy underwear I bought her that have the days of the week on them. My husband and I have been ready to move on for about nine months now, but anyone with kids will tell you that you move on when they move on, and no sooner.

The timing of this was perfect because on Tuesday, we received a nice shipment of diapers from the great people at Pampers for our little one to use as part of my ambassadorship as a #PGmom. I see this as a challenge, and I am determined to donate this bog box of diapers, unopened, to a local program that supports teenage moms and moms who need assistance.

So here is where we are at. We have about 10 Pampers left in a package that we had before the delivery on Tuesday. That gives me 10 nights worth of one diaper each night. So far, she has been completely dry the last four nights, and we have 10 nights to go until we run out of diapers. After that, I am confident that she has closed that chapter, and slam-dunked that milestone completely. Then we’ll donate the unopened box and do something to celebrate.

I knock on wood as I say this, but a big thank you to Pampers for five and a half years (including my oldest when she was in diapers). Did you do anything when your kids were out of diapers? How did you celebrate? I need some ideas.

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