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Last month I got the chance to try out a new product in the Prevage line by Elizabeth Arden. The new Lash + Brow Enhancing Serum claims to “improve the length, thickness and fullness of lashes in 100% of women in only two weeks. This product works to boost every stage of your brows and lashes’ natural growth cycle, creating longer, fuller lashes and brows.”

My lashes are not something I’ve really considered before this came up, but my age, combined with many a sleepless night with kids which causes me to continually rub my eyes out of exhaustion has probably lead to my fair share of damage to my lashes.

So, I took the challenge. I followed the directions exactly and took a picture two weeks after I started with the serum.

I haven’t noticed a difference in the length, but I have noticed a change in the thickness of my lashes.

Elizabeth Arden’s PREVAGE® Lash + Brow Enhancing Serum is available as of October 2012 for $115.

Disclosure: I received a sample of this to try on a trial basis. I am sharing my own personal results in this post. Results may vary.

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