Edmonton Life

We are starting to get settled into our new surroundings. Since we’ve moved here, we’ve been playing “tourist” on our days off. We are also trying to narrow down the areas in which we would like to buy a house.

Two weekends ago we went to Jasper for the day. It was amazing to drive three hours and be in the mountains. It felt like a vacation. We stopped in for lunch then went up the tram to the top of the mountain. Here’s a view from the top with Jasper below.


After we came down we went for ice cream and started back. We saw elk, deer, rabbits and a fox. We’ve also been looking around Edmonton. Of course, we’ve been to West Edmonton Mall and Ikea. There is a huge outdoor mall here…So big that it has it’s own street names and street lights in the mall. We have also found some wonderful hiking trails right in the city. Last weekend we rode the LRT to see what it was like. It goes underground part of the way and above ground the other part. We passed the Stadium and the Rexall Centre to the North, and went to the University and Health Sciences Centre to the South. I’ve posted a picture of Frank just before we took our LRT ride.

After the ride we went for a long hike. There are nice nature trails about a 10 minute drive from our place that wind along the river valley. Once you start walking on them for about 5 minutes it starts to feel like you aren’t even in the city anymore. Being a Saturday it was pretty busy, but we took some great pictures and got a brisk walk in before dinner.

The third picture is taken on the trail in the city. That wraps up our last two weekends, tomorrow my parents will be coming out with the rest of our things and for a visit. We are both looking forward to visiting with familiar faces.

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