Easy DIY Magnets for Gifts, Kids, Teens and More

Before you toss (read recycle) the books your kids have ‘loved to death’, consider salvaging the pages for keepsakes that will be enjoyed for years to come.Easy DIY Magnets.jpgThese magnets can be used as:

  • shower and thank you gifts: taking the time to make something to say thanks goes a long way
  • gifts for friends: say thanks by making some magnets out of their favorite things for them to enjoy
  • keepsakes of children’s favorite books: books get torn, coloured on, and spilled on rendering them unusable and undonatable. Salvage what you can and create fun magnets for them from their actual favorite childhood book
  • fun magnets for school lockers: celebrities, or pictures of your friends can be made in to magnets for kids, tweens and teens to decorate their lockers
  • help with counting, spelling, and reading: numbers, letters, and words can be cut out and made in to magnets to help younger kids visually spell, add and create sentences

You can turn your old books, magazines, or photos into small, personalized works of art to be kept as keepsakes or shared as gifts with these easy directions:

DIY Magnets Things You Need.jpgYou will need

  • Clear Luster Gems (they look like flattened clear marbles, pictured)
  • Magnets
  • Circle shape cutter (found in the scrapbook aisle)
  • Glue (I used Elmer’s Glue-All)
  • Old book, magazine


  1. Find an area of your book or magazine that you would like to cut out. You can see how it will look by placing the gem on top of the image.
  2. Line up your circle shape so you can see the image through the hole, this is the size that will be punched out.
  3. Apply a small amount of glue to the flat side of your gem. You may need to try a few times so you know how much to put on. There should be enough that it covers your little circular piece of paper, but not too much that you are wiping a lot off.
  4. Make sure your image is centered on the flat side of the gem, then turn it over and look at it from the front. It may look a little cloudy because of the glue, but once it dries, it becomes very clear.
  5. Once your paper is in the spot you want it to be, push the paper and gem firmly to remove any gaps between the paper and the gem so bubbles don’t show up on the finished item. Try not to move the picture back and forth too much after you have pushed it down.
  6. Let the paper set for a few minutes, then put a small drop of glue on the magnet and attach it to the back of the paper on the gem. Squeeze it tightly to set it in place, then set is somewhere undisturbed to dry. Place it either gem-side down, or magnet-side down. Placing it on it’s side may cause the magnet to slip a bit before it dries. Voila!

Easy DIY Magnets Step by Step.jpg

Create Easy DIY Magnets with Nail Polish.jpgYou can also create a fun design with your favorite left-over sparkly nail polish as pictured here. To get this effect, I put a little bit of glue on the flat side of the gem, then painted my nail polish (which, for this picture was Nicole by OPI called ‘Brilliant Idea’) on the glue. I painted a couple of coats until it was fairly sparkly, let dry for a couple of minutes, then I applied glue to my magnet and squeezed the gem and the magnet together with a firm pressure while still making sure that everything wasn’t squishing out the sides. The sparkles will look a little cloudy from the glue, but it will dry clear.

You can watch the full segment from CTV Morning this past Wednesday where I shared this idea for the magnets at this link:

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