EA Sports Active – More Workouts for Wii Review

At the beginning of the year, I posted my two resolutions for 2010. I’ll start by saying that I am failing miserably at resolution number one (to be more organized). I am however doing well at my second resolution — to be healthier.

EA Sports Active LogoI was beyond excited to hear that I would be reviewing EA Sports Active More Workouts on our Wii. I currently use Wii Fit so I thought this would be a great addition to my current workout programs on the Wii.

EA Sports Active More WorkoutsI first want to tell you more about this program. EA Sports Active – More Workouts is just that. It is the second installment of EA Sports Active. In order to do this workout program, you need the EA Sports Active Accessory Pack which comes as part of the first program, but not as part of this one. The accessory pack can be bought separately if needed.

Leg StrapThe accessory pack includes one adjustable leg strap designed to hold a Wii nunchuk and one stretchable resistance band, with handles at either end. Some of the exercises require the nunchuk to be placed in the leg strap (such as the jogging exercises). The resistance band is used in place of weights when doing some of the other workouts.

In addition to the activity pack the Wii remote and nunchuk are needed for the exercises.

EA Sports Active will work with your Wii Fit foot board if you have one. I was able to weigh myself with it and I was also able to use it during some of the workouts for more accuracy with my slick workout moves.

I am at a beginner level and started the 6-week challenge and set up 4 workouts a week that varied in time from 16 minutes to 28 minutes. I have been doing these workouts now for a few weeks and I love them. Each day focuses on something different. Lower body, upper body and full body workouts are given to me on different days so that I am not just doing the same routine again and again. The routines are also split between doing reps, jogging in a race and various fun exercises like boxing and water skiing.

So ya… that’s me! The very first day I did the routine I thought it was okay. I was able to easily follow everything, but I wasn’t convinced that I was getting any real benefit from it — until the next morning. My stomach, arms and legs felt like I had gone hard core at the gym the night before. By using the remote and nunchuk, you move your character on the screen. At the beginning of each exercise, there is a video that shows you how to do it properly, then you follow along with the trainer that is in the bottom right of the screen. If you are not moving properly, then your character does not move.

My favorite exercise so far is the boxing routines where you kick, punch and duck. I also enjoy the water skiing. As you go through your exercises, there is a beautiful background of beaches and blue water – it’s always nice to have something relaxing to look at while you’re sweating away.

By achieving certain milestones, you win awards and you can go and view them and your progress at any time. At the end of your routine, you can fill in some journals that ask you about your eating and exercise habits.

EA Sports Active also comes with a small nutrition book by Bob Greene that includes a journal, some recipes and more information about losing weight.

Overall, I really like this program. The workouts are not long, fun and effective. For a busy mom like me, that is a nice bonus. I have to admit, that it’s also nice to hear Papa Bird ask me if I’ve lost weight – WHICH I HAVE!

You can pick up EA Sports Active at Amazon.ca for $44.99, or Amazon.com for $36.99 and this item is eligible for their free shipping on both sites.

* I received a copy of EA Sports Active: More Workouts plus the Leg Strap and Resistance Band for free to complete my review. The opinions expressed in this post are mine only and are in no way influenced by any outside factors.

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