Does Nutella Qualify as Lunch?

Seriously, I need help. I need to create a better eating habit for myself during my weekdays while I work.

I just walked in to the kitchen to look for lunch for myself. I completely glazed over the fruits and vegetables in the fridge like they were they last kid in grade school that anyone wanted on their team during gym class.

What did I grab?

Yogurt? No.

Cheese? No.

Tomato juice? Hahahaha.

20130313-121211.jpgI didn’t even realize I did it. It’s like I blacked out, and when I came to, I was standing in my kitchen with a spoon in one hand, a Nutella jar in the other and I was already going in for my second helping as I thought to myself how awesome this would probably taste in coffee.

Note to self, try this tomorrow morning. 

No, wait, stop. Guh, I need help. I am turning 40 soon.

Okay, really soon.

Okay, tomorrow!

I need to put together a work at home eating plan or something. And I think I need to superglue the top of that Nutella jar on. That will teach my over-eating split personality.

I’m open to suggestions. What websites do you turn to for eating healthy, motivation and ideas?

I am also open to condolences on the whole ’40’ thing.

Sheri Landry
Sheri publishes, and writes at This Bird's Day where she shares all of the thoughts in her head without the voices. Sticking mainly with content for Canadians, Sheri shares family stories, product information and anything that fits into her (and her family's) daily activities.
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