Disney’s “Planes” Soars!

“It’s not how fast you fly but how you fly fast.” 

This is but one of the many memorable lines from Disney’s latest release, “Planes” which got the triple-thumbs-up from my three children after the sneak preview on August 7th! 

Disney's "Planes"

“Planes” features the journey of Dusty Crophopper as he pursues his dream of racing the skies and leaving his crop-dusting destiny in the … dust!  “Planes” is based on the Cars franchise with the same signature animation, however, airplane action was made for the 3D screen and it was AWESOME!  It was like being at an air show – in the pilot’s seat!  I experienced full-on vertigo and my boys were reaching in the air and cheering throughout the movie!  

“Planes” has all the makings of a great story that children and adults alike can relate to.  There is an underdog hero, a villain, conflict, betrayal, overcoming adversity, friendships forged in the adventure, romance, and double entendre to appeal to parents. 


My kid-dates for the evening were my 7 and 5-year-old sons and 3-year-old daughter.  This Disney flick was definitely more boy-centric but still interesting for girls in the crowd.  The boys were riveted throughout the movie, and though my daughter was more antsy, this was due to her young age and brief nap earlier in the day.  And she *may* have vomited just before the final scene (right into Daddy’s hands – which is why I recommend going with a puke-catching partner to any family outing).  This was unrelated to the movie as it turns out, and she ended up talking about Dusty all the way home and declared the ending her favourite part!   


From a parent’s perspective, “Planes” included several important messages. 

  • The characters depicted a nice balance of being content in your circumstances and striving for dreams; the movie was about self-discovery and honouring who you were made to be.
  • It is not speed but skill that wins the race!  Victory is based on hard work and determination.
  • Kindness conquers in the end!  A good competitor is someone that others are proud to compete against, someone who inspires the best in everyone.  
  • The over-arching message is that mistakes and fears should not define your life; each one of us can courageously face the truth and triumph past it!

Naturally, my oldest son was most in-tune to the underlying messages in the movie, but all participated in a good chat on the way home.  I will be able to recall examples from the movie and reiterate the messages with my kids in the future – this is what takes a kids’ movie from good to great! 

Overall, “Planes” was fun, entertaining, visually-stunning in 3D, and full of high-flying content that parents can pull out and discuss at their child’s level.  We will certainly see it again and it is sure to become a family favourite!

Disclosure: Passes to the screening of Planes were provided at no charge in order to facilitate this post. The opinions are those of the author and are not influenced in any way.

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