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Our daughter was born with bad eczema and even now at two and a half years old, she still has some big breakouts. We’ve used a lot of great lotions and items to help her but lately she has been telling us that the Vaseline we use on her legs is for ‘babies’. So when I heard about Diane Lai and how their lotions are great for sensitive skin, and how they are perfect for infants and toddlers, I had to try it out.

Little Bird loves the fact that it looks like something a ‘big girl’ would use, and I love the fact that it works like a charm. There is no crying due to stinging sensations when I put it on and the smell fresh.

Diane Lai is a Canadian company that was started when a new mother could not find any lotions for her new son who was born with excessively itchy skin. The only lotions available were loaded with harmful chemicals. Today, at Diane Lai, it is their mission to “develop all natural organic quality products that maintain their high standards for use by their own children and family.”

Diane Lai is hypoallergenic and is free of parabens, artifical fragrances and colours, phthalates, formaldehyde, retinols, sulfates and petro-chemicals and it comes in two types of lotions. The first is their ‘Soothe’ lotion which uses natural oils and anti-itch remedies to prevent further scratching and inflammation. Other irritations that you can use Soothe on are insect bites and mild sunburn.

We tried out their ‘Rejuvenate’ lotion which works to replenish really dry, rough patches on the body. Our daughter has claimed this as her own and it has taken the place of Vaseline when she gets out of the tub. The lotion works wonderfully and her eczema outbreaks have cleared up by morning when we use it on her. I’ve also been sneaking some of the lotion for myself and it has helped both my dry hands and my itchy stomach (due to being 7.5 months pregnant).

Both the Soothe and Rejuvenate lotions are available for purchase on the Diane Lai website.

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* I received the Rejuvenate lotion for free to complete my review. The opinions expressed in this post are mine only and are in no way influenced by any outside factors.

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