Get Dad What He Really Wants This Father’s Day!

There is always something that needs to be done around our house, and if there isn’t? We will create ‘something’.

My family loves our projects, and any reason to pick up a new tool for the arsenal is a good one. When we bought our first house in Edmonton, our to-do list was so long that it was easier to create a ‘not to-do’ list. We loved it though. This was before our two girls and we spent our spare time renovating, repairing, and building.

Remember that? Spare time?

We are on our second house now and we bought one that didn’t need as much renovating. Last summer my husband built the best deck I have ever seen and he also replaced our side fence. This year we are doing minor yard work and even this past weekend, I got to wield a sawzall while trimming on of our big trees.

But enough about me.

This post is about dads.

You see their big day is coming up fast.

Father’s Day.

tool and background for fathers day post for The Home Depot. Photo credits to © Denis Aglichev -

Photo credits to © Denis Aglichev –

The day where we get to show them how important they are, how much we need their strength, and how much we appreciate the role they play in our lives.

There is a kind of calm amazement that creeps across my husband’s face when he walks down the tool aisle in The Home Depot. He looks like someone left the door to the chocolate factory open and he’s a kid with a big sugar problem.

The Home Depot always has something that I know my husband will get excited over. A simple walk down any aisle together, and he is stopping every few steps to read this, and touch that. Even when I don’t know exactly what tool he is currently coveting, just the sight of that orange gift card makes his eyes light up with the possibilities.

Summer is finally here and the in, and outdoor projects are piling up. This year get him one of the tools he will need to get through his project list.

Not sure what to get for Father’s Day? Try out the ‘Dad Selector’ on The Home Depot website.

What work tool would you like to give to dad this Father’s Day?


Sheri Landry

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