Corel Painter Essentials 4 Review

Many of you know that I love to design different things online and I design blogs in my spare time. I am a total geek when it comes to computers, code and especially design software. Corel Painter ImageI was excited when Corel contacted me to do a review on their Painter Essentials 4 program. At first I had no idea what it could really do, but the designer in me really wanted to find out. The write up on Corel Painter Essentials 4 says that it is a great resource for getting started in digital art. And that you can turn any picture into a work of art in three easy steps. When they first sent me the program, they offered a small meeting to learn some of the features of Painter Essentials 4 which I declined. I wanted to see if those three steps were easy to figure out without any help at all. And they were! From the main page that loads, you:

  1. select the image you want to paint (on the right side of the page),
  2. choose any painting styles you want (or leave it on the default on the right side),
  3. click the start button and watch as the program transforms your image

It is really that easy! Baby BirdI used this software to do a painted picture of my daughter which is shown here. On the top of my long list of things to do is put together a DVD of Baby Bird’s first year and I will be using this software both in my DVD cover design and throughout the DVD. I also like that by using the paint feature, it blends the background in a little better. She was just sitting on the couch, but once it was painted the couch just became a nice backdrop. I played around with the different options to create three different textures on the same picture. Below I took the same flower, but gave it a water brush, chalk and bristle brush look. Click on each image to zoom in and see the differences.

Flower1 Flower2 Flower3 There are so many options to what medium to choose. You can use various thick paint, thin paint, water colors, pencils and pens and dry media such as charcoal, chalk and crayon to name a few. You can also do smudging and add different effects.

This program is great for anyone who wants to:

  • add some wonderful effects to favorite family pictures
  • try their hand at digital art
  • add to their collection of great design programs
  • What would you use it for?

The tutorial was very easy to follow and Corel also has a lot of help pages on their site. I use a Mac computer, and Corel is available to both PC and Mac users. Corel Painter Essentials 4 retails for $99.99US but you can try a free download before buying.

Sheri Landry
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