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Little Bird is 34 months old now and we have been trying to get her interested in potty training. She will go now and then, but she really hasn’t been interested in going diaper-free. I admit, at the end of my pregnancy, I did not push a lot on her. Mostly because I was tired (and huge).

Papa Bird has been trying various tactics to help get her excited about going on her own and we have three different potty trainers in each bathroom (on each floor). One of the trainers we have sits on the toilet and we have to lift our daughter up to use it. The other two are variations of small potties that sit on the floor and double as a stepping stool when closed. Our daughter LOVES to show that she can do things on her own, so I started to get the feeling that she didn’t like needing help to get on to the first trainer. As for the other two trainers, although she could use them on her own, she didn’t get to use the same potty that adults use.

When I had the chance to review a different potty trainer than what we had in the house, I jumped on it in the hopes that it would help us out. Childish Notions is a Canadian company that imports fantastic items for infants and toddlers to stores across the country. They import items for feeding, travel, potty training and more. Through Childish Notions, I reviewed the Kiddyloo from Thermobaby.

The Kiddyloo is a potty trainer that fits all standard toilets and has height-adjustable legs to make up for any toilets that sit a little low, or a little high. The potty trainer goes together easily and quickly and allows our daughter to use the washroom like mom and dad do. There is a step that she can use to get on to the potty and it has two height adjustments as well to allow for growing kids. There are also two comfortable handles that she can hold to balance herself easily.

The first night I set up the Kiddyloo, our daughter used it right away. She was thrilled to use it and proceeded to try it out seven more times in a row. She loved that she could help herself up to our toilet, she was able to sit herself down, use the potty, grab the toilet paper and flush all on her own. This has helped us with her potty training more than any of her other potties have and those trainers that doubled as a stepping stool, have become just a stepping stool now as she wants nothing to do with them.

Our daughter will now only use the one washroom that the Kiddyloo is in as she has no desire to use any of the other trainers, and getting her to try to go is no longer a battle. The Kiddyloo has made our potty training job super easy and I recommend it to anyone who is potty training.

Childish Notions imports a lot of fantastic items like the Kiddyloo and makes them available for Canadian residents. You can check out their store locator to find a retailer near you that carries their products or check their list of online retailers to find the items they import through internet retailers if you do not have a store near you.

* I received the Kiddyloo for free to complete my feature. The opinions expressed in this post are mine only and are in no way influenced by any outside factors.

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