Commit To Fit: Challenged to try something new

This week we were challenged to try something new as part of our exercise routine. Adding new activities can workout new muscles and create a renewed interest in exercise by changing things up a bit.

One of the suggestions that we could try were burpees, and this has been on my list to try so since there’s no time like the present…


I searched online for a video to show me the proper way to do a burpee and I have to say, those people make it look so easy, and I’m sure it is — after you’ve been doing it for awhile.

After I saw the video, I left my youngest to play with her toys and told her I needed to grab something in the basement. Then I ran down the stairs for a little privacy to try out my new moves.

This is where I laugh hysterically at myself.

I didn’t so much control my decent to the floor as I just flopped down. I was more like a little old lady dropping to the floor in, what felt like, slow motion. Then after a minute of me semi-lying down, questioning why I had chosen a burpee as my new activity, I pushed myself up, and I’m pretty sure the grunt I heard actually came from me.

And there you have it, my first burpee. Related, I have no upper body strength.

This is when I decided that I need to stick with burpees until I can do them with as much ease as they do them on the video. So I did ten (not in a row) and I’ve maintained the number, but they are getting closer together now. I am not graceful. It still isn’t easy. I’m not even sure if I remotely resemble a burpee yet. But how can I tell my daughter to keep practicing and learning her stuff when I pack it in after the first try?

I also had the chance to talk with a nutrition expert (@helenecharleb on Twitter), who opened my eyes to a few options that I could try to help a couple of my concerns. After my call, I added some items to my grocery list and passed on spaghetti night. Instead I cooked myself up some salmon and butternut squash which I’ve never had before and tastes a lot like yams.

I am also going to be trying out some of Subway’s salad options this week for lunch in an effort to cut back on my carbs and starches.

Speaking of this week, our last week is upon us. My final challenge is to set some goals and map out how I will continue to live a healthy, active lifestyle for the remainder of the year. I’ve been thinking about this all day.

These weeks have been wonderful for me because I am not good at setting goals for myself. So having a weekly email with a new challenge has kept me moving in the right direction. Now I need to set that goal for myself. The timeline is a little longer and I’m not sure how to check in on myself.

So I will work on this during the week and I’ll check in with my results next week.

It’s not too late to join me by taking the pledge. Subway Canada has a Commit to Fit pledge on their Facebook page. Sign up and track your progress. Everyone who takes the pledge is entered to win $10,000.

Last, but not least, there is another Subway Twitter party on tomorrow, Oct 28 from 8:30 -9:00pm ET. I hope to see you there. No RSVP necessary.


How do you set goals for yourself? How do you stay accountable?

Disclosure: I am proud to be one of Carls Crew in the Subway Commit
To Fit Challenge. This is a sponsored feature and I also received gift
cards to facilitate this post. Opinions and results are my own.

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