From Getting Her First Haircut to Giving One

Oh. Yes. She. Did!

When I reflect back on our oldest daughter’s ‘firsts’, right now it is her first haircut that stands out to me.

When our first daughter was born, she had quite the head of hair on her. There was so much hair that I was almost convinced that I had given birth to a six month old.

30 minute Pic

Our oldest in 2008 at 30 minutes old. Look at that gorgeous hair.

By the time she was four months old, I was already using detangler or conditioner on her when washing her hair as, not only was it long; it was thick as well.


Just before her FIRST haircut in 2009.

Then at 9 1/2 months old, she had one of her many firsts. My husband and I took her in to get her very first haircut. We were a little nervous because we weren’t sure how the haircut was going to be received and we wanted to help her have a good experience so that she wouldn’t be terrified of subsequent visits.


Our oldest in 2009 when she was 9 1/2 months old getting her first hair cut.

She was a pro, looking on with curiosity more than anything. Her hair was cut without incident, we got to take home some of her baby hair and everyone was happy.

So, why does this moment in time stand out when I could have picked one of her many other milestones to tell you about?

Well, just recently, my now five year old experienced what I like to call ‘an extension’ of her own first haircut when she decided to give her fist haircut to our younger daughter.


Our youngest daughter’s new hair style, thanks to her big sister. The top is the ‘damage’ done when you leave the room for a few minutes. They were both so proud of their work. A day later, I finished the job.

In the end, she cut off a handful of hair on one side of our youngest’s head near her ear and gave her, what my husband likes to call, a half mullet. The next day, I took matters into my own hands and cut her hair myself.

As I cut, I was reminded about that day almost four years ago when my oldest sat on my lap, unsure of what was happening and watched as little pieces of her hair fell to the floor.

Then, I took away her craft scissors.


Our oldest is now five years old and here she is just after her most recent haircut (with her little sister, AKA ‘unsuspecting soul’).

Sheri Landry
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