Celebrating Canada Day and the Long Weekend

I’m excited for Canada Day this year. I’ve been trying to figure out why I’m looking forward to it so much, then just today, it hit me — Papa Bird is spending it with us. He has recently started a new job that he is really enjoying and for the first time in five years, he has most of his weekends and all holidays off with us. So this is the second Canada Day in five years that we will spend together.


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There are a lot of things to do around Edmonton, and we will be taking part in one of them, just not sure which one yet. Our options so far are:

City Hall and Grounds: Papa Bird mentioned going to City Hall during the day. They had a bunch of vendors set up outside, plus an orchestra set up on the inside to commemorate Canada’s birthday so it would be a fun, relaxing day out with the girls. They have activities, including activities for kids from 11:30 – 4pm.

Alberta Legislature: They have stuff going on all day from 7am – 7pm starting with a pancake breakfast. There will be free entertainment, a charity fun run, an open house and fun for all ages.

Fort Edmonton Park: Edmonton’s historical park will open its doors for their annual Dominion Day Celebrations at 10am with festivities starting at 11am after their parade. Visitors can experience Edmonton at select dates in time.

Edmonton Zoo: Canada Day also marks the Zoo’s 52nd birthday. There will be a lot of activities there as well, and cake too.

Mutart Conservatory: They will have jazz, face painting and more with a take home planting activity.

Of course there are the fireworks in the evening, but with our two little ones, we will be skipping that for now. Instead we will be throwing out an invite to some close friends to head on over to our backyard for some food and fun of our own.

For dinner, like any full-fledged Canadian, we will be barbecuing on Canada Day. Papa Bird makes an unbeatably delicious burger and we have hotdogs for the kids. We will be using Wonder+ SimplyFree hotdog and hamburger buns as well. They are the first Canadian National branded line of hamburger and hotdog buns with NO artificial preservatives, flavours and colours. They are also made with unbleached wheat flour and NO high fructose corn syrup.

We are choosing hotdogs and hamburgers because, when kids are involved, you can’t go wrong with hotdogs, but if you are looking for something special to celebrate Canada Day, make sure you check out the recipes and tips on the Canadian Living website.

We will also be making some salads and I have my eye on some special desserts.

And to top that off, you can enter to win a $5,000 BBQ party from Wonder+. Find specially marked packages of Wonder+ SimplyFree hotdog and hamburger buns and get your PIN to enter to win.

As for the rest of the long weekend, I am sure we will go to some garage sales and we will catch up on fun time in the backyard since it has been raining here so much. There are weeds that need pulling, games that need playing and fun times that need to be had.

I will do a separate post with some pictures after the long weekend.

What are your plans for the long weekend?

Disclosure – I am participating in the WONDER+ SimplyFree program by Mom Central Canada on behalf of Weston Bakeries.  I received a gift card, BBQ kit and free product coupons as a thank you for my participation.  The opinions on this blog are my own.

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  • SamiJoe Jun 26, 2011, 11:58 am

    I have tried those hotdog and hamburger buns already and really like the ‘improvements’. Enjoy your long wknd!

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