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Santa Claus Came to Town

My work had their children’s Christmas party on Saturday afternoon. I’m pretty sure I was the most excited out of the three of us to go. Baby Bird dressed up in her pretty red dress and we bundled her up and braved the -35C to see Santa. There were a lot of kids running around [...]

Our Winnipeg Weekend

We went back to Winnipeg this past weekend for a visit. Friends of ours were having their wedding social and we didn’t want to miss it. Frank and I both had Friday off work and we drove out at 6:15 in the morning (Edmonton time). We took turns driving and the weather was nice on [...]

Some of Our Wedding Photos

We received our pictures from our photographer, here are a few of them. My dad waiting for me at the church (one of my favorite pictures). Walking down the aisle with my dad. Frank and I kissed when we first saw each other at the alter. I was so excited to finally see him that [...]

Edmonton Life

We are starting to get settled into our new surroundings. Since we’ve moved here, we’ve been playing “tourist” on our days off. We are also trying to narrow down the areas in which we would like to buy a house. Two weekends ago we went to Jasper for the day. It was amazing to drive [...]

The First Post

Thanks for taking the time to view our site. There are a few things to go back and post on before we are up to date and posting in the present. As most of you know, Frank and Sheri were married on August 6, 2005 (the day that this Fuller became a Landry). We went [...]

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