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I will be missing some of my own Mother’s Day. That Sunday morning, I will be driving back home from Calgary. I am completely excited about a meeting I will be having while there and it really is important that I make that trip. On the other hand, I am so sad to be missing [...]


I am turning 39 today. I will be excited to read any birthday greetings left on my Facebook or here. And I can’t wait to open up my cards and presents. I saw a card on the table today that said “To Mommy”; that one is getting opened first. I think I settled on Sushi [...]

Today, I Lost a Part of Me

This is a hard post to write, but one I have been thinking about for the past week. I guess I just had a feeling that a chapter in my life was about to come to an end. Tonight at 8:40pm, I held my cat (Oreo) in my arms as she quietly fell asleep, then [...]

Guh. It is so embarrassing to admit this, but I have an irrational fear of zombies. Yes, I know zombies don’t exist; I said ‘irrational’ didn’t I? My top three fears (in order) are: 1) something happening to my kids or husband 2) zombies 3) natural disaster I know this isn’t right. Not only did [...]

I have to admit, this year has been a little bit of a blur. Being pregnant and caring for a newborn will do that to you. That being said, this has been an amazing year filled with growth, milestones, laughter and of course, new beginnings. Our family grew by one little girl with a big [...]

I spent some time this weekend going through our daughter’s clothes. Both girls have outgrown most of the clothes that hung in their closets and I was growing tired of playing “Let’s See If This Fits.” I can’t believe that at four months old, our youngest daughter has already outgrown two boxes of clothes. I [...]

Welcoming Baby Bird

I know in one of my last posts, I was talking about the long weekend and how my plan was to take it easy and relax. Funny how life often takes a detour from our plans! On Sunday night, our daughter was born at 7:41pm after my water broke (while I was attempting to relax [...]

When this post sees the light of day, it means that we are off to the hospital to hopefully welcome our new daughter in to the world. I will be having a c-section if there is time for it due to some complications with our first pregnancy that ended in an emergency c-section so will [...]

Teamwork and Toddlers

Yesterday morning as we were all getting up and heading downstairs to start our day, I asked my daughter if I could hold her tissue box for her while she walked down the stairs so she wouldn’t fall. She held it out and said I could take one side of it and she would hold [...]

Happy Halloween

We are all ready for the ghosts and goblins to arrive. Our pumpkins are carved, the seeds have been roasted and 95% of our holiday candy is still here. Baby Bird is going as a Monkey this year and she is so excited to get going for candy. She’s been helping Papa Bird and myself [...]

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