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After what might be considered as an epic, emotional weekend between our two daughters, I thought I would take a quick break to remember that these are growing pains, that it happens in most family dynamics, and we will get through this. In reflecting and wishing for the strength to squish the urge to pack [...]

Oh. Yes. She. Did! When I reflect back on our oldest daughter’s ‘firsts’, right now it is her first haircut that stands out to me. When our first daughter was born, she had quite the head of hair on her. There was so much hair that I was almost convinced that I had given birth [...]

As I write this, I am on a flight home from Las Vegas. It has been a long day with delayed, and then changed flights due to weather in Denver (my connecting flight). In this moment, I feel many things, but concern for my small problems, is not one of them. I am not concerned [...]

Seriously, I need help. I need to create a better eating habit for myself during my weekdays while I work. I just walked in to the kitchen to look for lunch for myself. I completely glazed over the fruits and vegetables in the fridge like they were they last kid in grade school that anyone [...]

Something happened yesterday that I am really not proud of, and I feel like I kind of set myself up for failure. For about 10 years now I’ve bought our Halloween candy on October 31st. There is a really good reason for this. This year, I decided to buy it a week early during my [...]

The Kindness of Strangers

Something happened this past Saturday that I can’t stop thinking about. This weekend, my daughter, and our family got the wonderful chance to understand what it feels like when you encounter truly generous and kind individuals. And I hope this post reaches them because I was inside feeding my youngest some lunch when it happened. [...]

Stop the Hate

Does anything stand out to you about this photo? Can you see the ignorance and hatred all over the place? I can. Or I should say that I can still see it. I remember this moment so clearly. About two months ago I went for a walk with my two girls and we took the [...]

I feel like I’ve been going non-stop for the past few weeks and it wasn’t until I had a moment to chat with some other moms today at our final ballet recital that I realized that it wasn’t just me. Its just that time of year. Everything is wrapping up and coming to an end. [...]

This time last year, we were just welcoming our youngest in to the world and in to our family. We didn’t even have a name for her yet, we just knew that we loved her and everything was just complete. Our family puzzle had all of the pieces and we just fit together the way [...]

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