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Mark’s Over Event

I was recently invited to attend an interactive media event to showcase Mark’s Work Warehouse. “Why?” you might ask… Well, let me tell you. Mark’s has introduced 60 innovations and has transformed their clothing line and their store layouts and I was invited out to experience the new Mark’s. These innovations improve the quality of [...]

About two months after having Baby Bird, my skin began to dry up. It didn’t matter how much water I drank and how much lotion I put on, nothing was sinking in and I wasn’t absorbing any moisture. I’m sure it didn’t help that all of the products I was trying had some type of [...]

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… Select Pearls is Canada’s largest online pearl retailer and they are based in Bedford, Nova Scotia. When I was organizing this festival and my review, I spent a lot of time on the Select Pearls website looking at products, researching their company and [...]

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