Halloween is such a fun time for kids. They have the night to dress up and pretend to be anything or anyone they want. They go door to door to see the decorations, scare their friends, family and neighbours and to gather the ultimate collection of the finest Halloween candy this side of the Rockies. [...]

Wants Versus Needs

A lot of what our family budgets and saves for comes down to what we want and what we need. Categorizing your purchases into these two groups will make your budgeting easier. Needs are things that are essential. Items, products or services you require to function: We need to pay our bills We need to [...]

Yesterday Baby Bird and I took a walk around our yard. The snow is pretty much all gone now and it was nice to show her outside things for the first time. She loved the sun and the fresh air and got a kick out of touching the evergreen in our yard. She didn’t care [...]

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