Bring on the #KinderSmiles!

I have to admit, I wrote this last night and I scheduled it to post right now. In this minute, my flight to Toronto will be taxiing down the runway and I will be missing my family already. I have to share that this last week has been busy. Wonderfully busy, but I have been [...]

London Drugs will be offering free Operation Family Identification (OFIs) packages at various stores across Alberta during August and September. What is Operation Family Identification? The Operation Family Identification program is designed to give parents a permanent record of their child’s photo, fingerprints, weight and height, in a convenient, readily accessible package that can be [...]

Research Your Roots

Have you ever been curious about your family’s history? I’m not talking about the last 50 years or so — I mean, way back to the beginning to those roots that started your family tree. It wasn’t until having my two daughters that I really began to wonder about my ancestors. While I knew that [...]

Heading out to a cabin for your family vacation with young kids? Here are some simple ideas to keep them busy after the initial excitement wears off. Collect Rocks, Leaves, and Shells If your cabin is on the beach, there is no shortage of shells and rocks. No beach? No problem. There are still a [...]

 A couple of weeks ago my Facebook feed filled with status updates about spring break for many of my friends to the east of me. Since then I had some time to get ready for my full days with my girls. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with them and I can’t wait [...]

The End of an Era

Okay, the title is a little dramatic, but I think it fits. Last Monday, our daughter just went for it. No more diapers. I’d like to tell you that we found some magic trick, but it just happened. Our youngest daughter, at two years and nine months old just decided that she was ready to [...]

When our first daughter was a toddler, we had no idea what she should take on around the house and at what age. Now that she is five, she does quite a bit. Her younger sister works hard to keep up and, in doing so, has shown us all of the possibilities that we missed [...]

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