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I have been posting more and more about natural and environmentally-friendly products. I’m thrilled that more individuals and companies are finding safer alternatives to those every day products out there. I recently received the opportunity to try Gloves Off and Microbium, a new line of cleaning products just out this year from Canadian company, Planet [...]

With today’s fast-paced world, it is hard to sit down and research the ‘best of the best’ products to buy for yourself and your loved ones. Even when you do find the time to locate good products, it can be frustrating when you begin the online ordering process only to find out that Canadian shipping [...]

When we first had Baby Bird, I got a great surprise from my parents.They had kept a couple of boxes full of my old clothes from when I was just born to about 4 years old. That’s from 32 – 36 years ago (don’t do the math, please!).I was so excited that my daughter could [...]

I’ve been reading the Sh*t My Dad Says Blog and following Justin Halpern on Twitter for a while now and this guy has serious talent for writing. I always get so sucked in when I visit his sites and I find myself rereading previous posts and tweets over and over again.I was so excited to [...]

Last year I did a review for a stainless steel water bottle and I haven’t parted from it since. I love it… Since then, I have been on the lookout for one for Baby Bird. I mean just because she is an infant, doesn’t mean that she can’t do her part to save the planet [...]

At the beginning of the year, I posted my two resolutions for 2010. I’ll start by saying that I am failing miserably at resolution number one (to be more organized). I am however doing well at my second resolution — to be healthier.I was beyond excited to hear that I would be reviewing EA Sports [...]

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