I made the mistake of telling our girls on the Monday before that we would be throwing a LEGO DUPLO party on the Sunday and inviting some of their friends. I spent the next five mornings answering the question, “Mom, is today Sunday?” LEGO DUPLO was kind enough to send us a party pack filled [...]

About four weeks ago now, I was sitting in my kitchen making a list when I noticed a little tabby cat outside of our deck door looking in. I’m calling it a tabby, but it was orange with white, anyway, back to my story. I thought nothing of the cat, there are a couple of [...]

With summer in full swing, families across the country are planning their vacations. Time away from the office and house work and more time to spend together as a family. During the summer months, road trips are an ideal option for family getaways. They are cheaper than flying and can open up a lot of [...]

Summer Fun With K’NEX

My daughter and I try to grab some play time together when we can. Our youngest still takes two naps in a day so if we are home together during a nap, I enjoy pulling out a few different toys that she and I can do together. These are toys that are quiet, require us [...]

I can’t believe that our youngest just turned 11 months old yesterday. For the past month and a half now, about the same time that she realized she could crawl, my days have become busy. She is constantly moving, and now she is climbing and shuffling along while hanging on to everything in sight. Sadly, [...]

I can’t believe we are already just over half way through the LEGO DUPLO 30 Days of Play Challenge on the Today’s Parent website. Each day for just over two weeks, we have been checking the Today’s Parent website for new challenges, or play ideas. If you are following me on Facebook or Twitter, then [...]

Have You Played Today?

I’ve been at home on maternity leave with both of my girls for almost ten months now. Today, I was thinking back to the first day at home with both of them, alone, and how terrified I was. I still have days when I wake up in a panic because I don’t know what I [...]

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