To the collective sigh of relief from parents everywhere, school started up this week in Edmonton and with this came supplies, backpacks, and new clothes. Kingsway Mall has started a great conversation over on their website about back-to-school style and they have some fantastic video clips of their interviews to share with you. I do [...]

I know I am not alone in wanting my children to learn how to contribute to household tasks, but lately I have been finding it faster and easier just to do it myself.  I have pinned different tips and techniques from for chore systems from Pinterest and, starting when my oldest son was 3, tried [...]

When I announced we’d be taking our two young preschool-age daughters camping this summer, there were plenty of dropped jaws. “Really, in a tent?” many friends, family members and strangers would ask as though my husband and myself had plead temporary insanity. With Molly now four and Zoe, 2, we figured there’s no better time [...]

I was cleaning out our basement the other day while getting ready for a garage sale and came across a box of unused mason jars. I decided they would be perfect for a DIY project for the kids to use as their saving jars. If your children are like mine, they need something visual to [...]

I am always inspired to see people living out their dreams, and so it was a delight to watch Will Stroet and his Backyard Band in action at K-Days.  Will Stroet is a teacher by training and children’s musician by passion!  He can be seen on Kids’ CBC “Will’s Jams” and he performs throughout Canada [...]

Welcome to everyone who is dropping by from my segments on CTV Morning today. You can watch both episodes at For more information on the topics I spoke about today, you can check out my blog posts at: Tips for Traveling to Cuba with Kids Tips for Road Trips with Kids Thanks for stopping [...]

In January, we gave away one of the kittens from the rescue cat that we took in. I felt so bad taking a child away from it’s mother. When it happened, my husband tried to comfort me and said “Don’t worry, she won’t remember she gave birth”. “What?” I retorted incredulously, “A mother never just [...]

A little background music can help children sing along, build and play while they learn simple things like colors, stacking, letters and role play. A 2011 study of parents with children age 1‐5 Years reveals that among children that listen to music during playtime: 55% of children are happier when music is coupled with play; [...]

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