Learning to read is so important. It’s such a simple concept. Just learn to read, right? For some kids it is easy. They love books, and they understand how words sound and fit together. For others, it’s not as simple as that. Our seven year old is struggling right now. Not because she can’t read. [...]

A s a first time parent to a child starting preschool this year, there are some items you will want to have on hand and some things you need to know about in the week leading up to your child’s first day at preschool. Items Backpack: Kids are small at this age and won’t need [...]

Staycation summer activities

There are less than two weeks left until the house gets a little quieter during the weekdays. It’s time to make the most of the last days of summer and here are some activities you should get in (if you haven’t already). Summer Family Activities Geocaching This is our new favourite thing. I first described [...]

This weekend marks the halfway point in our summer holidays. On one hand, it feels like the time is flying by and I am running out of summer-memory-making days. On the other, I wake up some mornings wondering what new things I can come up with to satisfy these energetic and curious minds I have [...]

How to make a ‘pup’sicle

Summer days can get pretty hot around here. At least that’s what I think and I don’t have a permanent fur coat on. I can’t even begin to imagine what it feels like for our canine companion. Here’s a fun treat that dogs are sure to love when temperatures rise. How to make a ‘pup’sicle [...]

When I was a kid, my favourite books were adventure books where you read along as the main character solved their way through the chapters to unlock the big mystery at the end of the story. I feel I need to share this because I’ve just reviewed the first chapter of what will be a [...]

Summer vacation will be officially upon us in one week’s time. I look forward to it with a bit of excitement and a bit of uncertainty. I am happy to get out of the routine of getting up early, and packing everyone for the day. I’ll enjoy our time in the yard playing in the [...]

With the warm weather comes picnic season. A chance to take your lunch outside and enjoy some time with the family. Whether you are heading out or staying home, picnics are a fun way to enjoy time together and make some lasting memories. Here are some no-fail tips to get you going: Pack in the [...]

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