Have you ever looked at your dog and wondered what breed he/she really is? Or thought about what other breeds make up your canine family member? I mean other than the breed(s) you are positive they are. A dog's breed can determine many things including appearance, common health concerns, training preference, energy levels and even [...]

*sponsored post November is Financial Literacy Month and it's a great time to share what you know about money matters with your kids. To mark Financial Literacy Month last November, TD commissioned a report - State of Financial Education in Canada - which found parents and educators share the main responsibility for the financial education [...]

sponsored post Skates, helmets and tournaments – oh my, it must hockey season! Between driving your hockey superstar to endless practices, organizing fundraisers and maintaining equipment, there’s no denying that being a hockey parent is a busy – and rewarding – job. The team camaraderie is infectious and seeing your little one’s determination on the [...]

Today marks the first day of summer break for us. It marks the day that we leave the chaos that is the school year behind and look forward to the chaos that is summer. Here are some tips to help ease you into a summer routine. Summer is short and the TV and iPads can [...]

We've all been there? You hit a point in your mothering adventure and you are blind-sided by something that comes up. Shocked, you reach out to tell your friends (who are also mothers), only to find that it has happened to every single mother out there -- everyone just forgot to mention it to you. [...]

Search the internet and you will find numerous adorable craft ideas for kids to make for their grandparents. Buying a more practical gift for a grandparent can be a little more challenging. Here are some ideas for when you want to give something in addition to the photos and crafts. So yes, this is like [...]

You can enter to WIN one of two FREE one-year subscriptions to Ooka Island at ENDS JANUARY 4. From kindergarten to grade three of a child's life is extremely important for developing a strong literacy understanding. In a previous post, I shared that nearly half of Canadians aged 16 to 65 fall below the [...]

What if you could give a gift that kids would actually play with during the year? Now, what if that gift could also help them improve their ability to read? According to Statistics Canada, nearly half of Canadians aged 16 to 65 fall below the minimum reading level required to function well at work and [...]

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