Capturing the Everyday Moments

I have to admit, I take an excessive amount of photos. Purchasing our DSLR earlier this year kind of put me over the top. Now it sits on our table near the back door ready to grab and use at any time of the day.

Earlier this month, we traveled to Manitoba to visit family and the photo-snapping hit an all-time high at 1,600 photos over a two-week period.

On our 13-hour drive back home, I had time to go through our photos and relive all of the everyday excitement, laughter and moments that made this trip our favourite yet.

While going through the photos I picked out some that really captured the moment as I remember it – moments of curiosity, wonder, achievement, and pure happiness. I even managed to snap a photo of my daughter’s disappointment in a way that only she can express it. It’s a look that will change as she ages, but I have it captured now and I get to look back on it and remember when she is older.


As a memento of our time together over the two weeks we were on vacation, I created a book of the photos that stood out for me. The ones that paused a moment perfectly and spoke volumes about what I experienced when it was taken.

I ordered a 20-page Photobook of my favourite photos for myself by downloading the BLACKS Photo App on my iPhone. I simply followed the prompts, chose the item I wanted, and uploaded my photos. After previewing my book, I had it sent to my local BLACKS store for payment and pickup.

My photobooks from Black's. A different colour for each child, and one for me.

My Photobooks from BLACKS. A different colour for each child, and one for me.

Then I began to think about the everyday moments from my kids’ point of view. When I shared some of the vacation photos with them after our return home, I saw their faces light up with fond memories all over again. For younger kids, a lot of the small moments can be forgotten over time and I don’t want that to happen.

They stopped right outside of the Blacks store and couldn't wait to look at their very own book. *photo credit: Sheri Landry

Since they couldn’t wait to look at their very own book, we stopped right outside of the BLACKS store. *photo credit: Sheri Landry

Since the process of ordering my book was so easy, I ended up creating five more books, one for each of our daughters, and one for each of the cousins that shared the laughter over the two weeks we were all together.

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  • Betty Aug 5, 2014, 1:48 pm

    Great idea! Special moments are worth capturing and the girls will keep those books forever. They will be thankful you created these special books for them.

    • Sheri Landry Sheri Landry Aug 13, 2014, 7:30 pm

      Oh they love them. My youngest gets excited every time she sees her grandparents cabin and it’s nice to know that when we go back, she will remember more.

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