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I can’t believe that our youngest just turned 11 months old yesterday. For the past month and a half now, about the same time that she realized she could crawl, my days have become busy. She is constantly moving, and now she is climbing and shuffling along while hanging on to everything in sight.

Sadly, I’ve had to put away all of her sleep sacs. Since they act as bags, her feet have become restricted in them and I can’t tell you how much this has angered our otherwise happy baby. Our nights are still cold though so having an extra layer that can keep her warm while not holding her back makes for a happy baby, which makes for a happy family who gets to sleep a little better.

Butternut Baby  has created the Sleep ‘n Cuddle Wrap which acts like a sleep sac because your baby wears it. It has two arm holes so that it stays on in the middle of the night and baby (infant/toddler) stays warm and doesn’t wake up because their sheets have come off and they are cold. The wrap is made so that it doesn’t close at the bottom leaving your traveling tike able to move, walk, crawl and stand up on their own without crying in frustration to be freed.

My daughter is pictured here in the raspberry-coloured Sleep ‘n Cuddle wrap. While wearing this wrap, she was able to crawl across the floor and pull herself up to standing position so she could play with her activity table.

I like the Sleep ‘n Cuddle wrap because:

  • You can take baby from crib to play area without taking off a warm blanket and having their temperature drop rapidly
  • The wrap is shopping cart, stroller and car seat friendly so you can travel easily with your little one.
  • It is made of 100% polyester fleece. Washing instructions are very easy.
  • There is a variety of colours for boys and girls.
  • It is extremely soft and comfortable. I wish there was an adult-sized one.
  • It is easy to put on and remove. The wrap has three snaps and you are done and ready to go.

The wraps are for ages 1 year and up because this is the age where your little one starts to become more active. My daughter fit in to it fine at age 10 months because she is big for her age and is already wearing 12-18 month sized clothing. The wrap is a little long on her, but at this age, she isn’t running any marathons. By the time she is walking freely, she will have grown in to the length of the wrap and will be wearing it like a little housecoat. So cute.

Butternut Baby is a Canadian company that was started by two moms who first met at prenatal class. Like all good companies out there, they found a need and instead of just thinking “someone should make something like this”, they just went out and did it.

The Sleep ‘n Cuddle Wrap is available at ButternutBaby.com for $34.50. The shipping fees are reasonable at around $10. They offer half price on shipping when you order two of the wraps and FREE shipping on orders of three or more. There is free pick-up available in Ottawa, Ontario. You can also like Butternut Baby on Facebook or follow Butternut Baby on Twitter.

Disclosure: I received a Sleep ‘n Cuddle Wrap for free to complete my feature. The opinions expressed in this post are mine only and are in no way influenced by any outside factors.

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