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Baby Bird was born with hair, lots and lots of hair. By three months I was putting a small amount of conditioner in to untangle her gorgeous locks. By 10 months, she had her first (of many) haircut. I love it!

She reminds me of those hair dolls I had as a kid. You know the ones that are only from the neck up. Their shoulders sat in a plate of sorts and they had beautiful hair that you could style and restyle – and they were always smiling no matter what hideous concoction you came up with?

Okay – My daughter isn’t exactly like that. For one, she doesn’t sit still, and she doesn’t always smile when I do her hair. Actually, up until recently, she wouldn’t let me put barrettes in.

But that all changed once I received some samples from Bugalug to try on her. Bugalug is a Canadian company from Calgary that specializes in accessories for babies, toddlers and girls.

They have non-slip hair clips (barrettes)that are made in Canada. They feature exclusive ribbon designs and their products are non-toxic and lead free. And cute to boot! So, so adorable.

I received two hair clips for Baby Bird to try on. One reason Baby Bird did not like hair clips was because some were hard to take out and her hair pulled a bit. With Bugalug, the clip stays in place and when it comes time to take them out, they come out with ease.

They have so many different styles and colours to choose from and their prices are so reasonable.

In addition to their clips, they also carry headbands (some reversible), pony loops (ponytails), belts and soother clips. Most recently they now carry cinch belts which are elasticized so they help to keep little pants up without being too tight and hurting little waists.

These would make great gifts, party favours or just regular accessories for little girls. In a shopping mood, check out their selection. Also make sure you check out their ‘deals’ section for some good sales. And while you are on their site, follow them on Twitter and Facebook to stay in the know.

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