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Yesterday, Nick Jr. released Bubble Guppies on DVD. This DVD features a fantastic fairy tale-themed TV movie, two bonus episodes and some fun extras. This is the first DVD from the Bubble Guppies.

If you are not familiar with this show, Bubble Guppies are preschool aged kids with colourful fish tails who tackle kindergarten level problems and learn to overcome them by using math, literacy, arts, science and socio-emotional development skills.

In the TV movie “Bubble Puppy’s Fin-Tastic Fairytale“, Bubble Puppy is turned in to a toad by a mean witch (voice of Wanda Sykes) while Molly and Gil are fetching a pail of water. To turn their lovable puppy back, they must gather certain items in the Enchanted Forrest. On their journey, they run in to some pretty famous fairy tale friends such as Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks, Jack (and the beanstalk) and a magic mirror.

The DVD is filled with music, problem solving, team work and positive thinking and learning. My youngest also likes the simplicity of the show and can sit through it very easily at 11 months old. This is perfect because my oldest likes to put something on to watch first thing while she wakes up and both can sit quietly and enjoy it for a bit.

In addition to the TV movie, the two bonus episodes and extra features on this disk are:

  • Bubble Puppy – Gil finds a dog that is about to be adopted and wishes that he could be the one to adopt him. Kids learn about pet adoption and care and what types of animals make great pets. There is also a very catchy song in this episode that I can’t stop singing.
  • Bubble Bites – When Gil and Ms. Pinkytoe go to the supermarket to buy a box of treats for their dogs, they discover that there is only one box of treats left. A challenge is held to see who will get the last box of dog treats. Which dog will end up with the treats?
  • Special Features:
    • Karaoke Music Videos
    • “Where’s Bubble Puppy?” DVD Game
    • Song Selection

The DVD is about 88 minutes in length and is available today online at Amazon.ca for price of $18.99. It is also available at Amazon.com for $9.99.

* I received a copy of this DVD for free to complete my review. The opinions expressed in this post are mine only and are in no way influenced by any outside factors.

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