Between a Rock and a Heart Place: A Memoir by Pat Benatar with Patsi Bale Cox

I love reading, but with my schedule, I can only read one good novel a month. This month, I had the pleasure of reading Between A Heart And A Rock Place, A Memoir. Released in June of this year and written by Pat Benatar with Patsi Bale Cox, this book covers Pat’s life from early childhood to today.

I loved listening to Pat Benatar as a teenager. She has such a beautiful voice and her music was and always has had great lyrics behind them. Reading in Pat’s words her (and her band’s) struggle to be who they wanted to be and make the music they wanted to make is an eye-opener to anyone not in the music industry. This book perfectly describes what Pat as an artist, and a female artist, had to go through to try to keep some of herself and her band in their songs. The struggle to balance doing what you love and working with people you hate, people who take comfort in the power they weild would have been so hard for me to accept.

In reading this book it is evident that Pat’s greatest joys are her daughters and husband, and her music. She is also an advocate and an inspiration for female musicians everywhere. Yesterday as I was driving home, “Love is a Battlefield” was playing on the radio. I loved the song before, but I listened to the song with new ears. Knowing what a band goes through and different things that are happening at the time of the songs release makes the song sound different somehow.

It’s still great, just a little more so now. If you were or are a fan of Pat Benatar, this book is for you.

This book is available on the HarperCollins Canada website for $27.00. It is also available at for $17.01, and on for $17.75.

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