Back to School with President’s Choice

The new President’s Choice Insider’s Report is out and it features a lot of items for back to school. Food that travels well and is individually wrapped to allow for easy transportation and keeps food clean until ready to eat.

Our oldest started preschool this year and she goes for half days. Each day though, she brings a snack in. Since my daughter is a slow eater, I like to keep her options small and packaged so if she doesn’t finish everything, she can just bring it home, or eat it after class.

We were both pretty excited when we unpacked a box from President’s Choice with some samples of new food items. I have to say, my daughter has learned from the master and she called ‘dibs’ on three of the items before my eyes even focused to see what they were. I need to pick up my game now to keep up with her.

The first two were items that were perfect for her. They were the new, milk minis (my term). They are 200ml sized milk boxes and they come in partly skimmed, chocolate partly skimmed and vanilla partly skimmed flavours. We wrap this in a freezer pack and pack it in her lunch and each day, she has cold milk to drink in class. These are priced at $2.98 for a pack of three.

The second item she latched on to was the PC Chocolate Chip Mini Bars. These are inspired by PC The Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookie and are half the size as regular granola bars. I love these because at four years old, I hate giving my daughter a full-sized granola bar to snack on. These are individually wrapped and are peanut-free. A box of six of these bars costs $2.48.

My daughter’s choice of snack for her preschool break time today. Mini Bar, Mini Milk and a nectarine.

The last item that she saw, I had tried to hide, but failed miserably. I forgot that she was my daughter and that she can smell treats a mile away. President’s Choice now has PC Gourmet Sour Jelly Beans and I can’t wait to try them out.

After my daughter grabbed those first two items and claimed them as her own, I got smart and moved the box to higher ground to finish emptying it. The jelly beans were at the bottom of the box, so I left them in there and declared the box ’empty’. I moved the box to the dining room table where she waited for me to walk away, then grabbed it to see what was left.

At four years old, she has already figured out that when a box is really empty, it is put by the back door to be broken down and recycled, not on the dining room table as decoration. Lesson learned. I need to up my game around my daughter.

And last but not least, I need to thank President’s Choice for sending me a pack of their new Great Canadian Single Serve Coffee Discs for my Tassimo. Now that school has started and everyone is getting used to new routines, coffee is so appreciated around here.

Look for the new Insider’s Report at your local President’s Choice, or you can sign up online to be notified of new products and promotions at You can also like President’s Choice on Facebook to stay in the know.

Disclosure: I received a sample of new food items from President’s Choice for free to complete my feature. The opinions expressed in this post are mine only and are in no way influenced by any outside factors.

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