Back to School Items at London Drugs

I remember way back when I was starting school. Our supply list consisted of about 10 – 15 items. Pens, notebooks, scissors and glue.

I was blown away when I heard that iPads were being used in grade 1 classrooms. I know I shouldn’t be. My daughter can navigate her way around my iPhone like a pro at the age of four years old.

Yesterday, I was invited to visit a local London Drugs to see all of the coolest new gadgets and items and I thought I would compile a list of some of the hot items for the school year as well as some items you may not have thought about purchasing.

Since many parents will be purchasing iPads this year for their little ones, there are a few extras that you may want to consider purchasing as well. Yes, an iPad is rather a large investment on its own, but if you are going to buy one for your child, you should consider protecting it and them with some other items.

Joy Factory Klick Kick Stand
As new technologies are available to us, we become guinea pigs to future problems that will arise from using them. iPad use causes people to slump over and in my opinion, this is a serious problem for our kids who are now using them from a very young age. If your child is using an iPad, proper posture is really important from the beginning.

The Joy Factory Klick Kick Stand is available at London Drugs for $54.99 and it snaps in to the back of the iPad and stands it upright so it can be placed on a desk while kids are working on it.

Griffin Survivor Case for iPad
If you are going to pay out about $600 dollars for an iPad for your little one, you will want to protect it against almost anything that can happen to your child during the day.

The Griffin Survivor Case for iPad costs $79.99 at London Drugs and it is tough. It protects against drops or rough use, sand, dust, wind, and rain. Don’t confuse rain-proof for water-proof though as it does not protect against being submerged in water, it will just protect it long enough for a run home in the rain.

Tree Frog Convertible Backpack
The Tree Frog Convertible Backpack is a great case for hauling your laptop, iPad, books and more to and from class. This compact pack is on sale up until August 26 at London Drugs for $24.99 and has a lot of great features and compartments for carrying anything you need for class.

The backpack converts easily to a messenger bag or briefcase by either tucking straps away or removing them completely. Now if all schools can make their school books available online or through download, then heavy backpacks will become a thing of the past.

What is on the top of your back to school list?


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