Always on My Mind

I think.


I think about my girls, husband, websites, direction, goals, dreams, and family. Then there is school, extra-curricular activities, grocery shopping, cleaning and working with our youngest on her language skills. It doesn’t look like it from where you are reading, but behind the scenes, this website and another that I own and operate are both going through some evaluations, and changes are being proposed and worked on.

My husband says I’m the thinker and he’s the doer. It’s a balanced relationship, but less on my marriage and back to my ‘thinking’.


I find it difficult to just ‘turn off’ my brain and get in the moment. This is specifically difficult at night when I need to wind down to fall asleep. Most of my work and preparations for the next day online are done at night. As the house settles down to sleep for the night, I am in my office working away. I love working in the quiet, with one cat sleeping near me and the only sound is the clicking of the keyboard. I think I enjoy this time of the night the most because I know I am not needed anywhere else so it frees me to work without guilt.

When my work is done, I close everything up, check the doors and head up to sleep. I get into my pajamas, brush my teeth and cuddle up under the sheets and close my eyes.

But I don’t sleep.

My brain won’t let me. It is still organizing, planning, designing, and solving. It has just remembered that I need to send an email, make a decision, or answer a text. The thing is, I love everything that I do. So when my brain thinks, it isn’t a dreadful feeling. It is filled with excitement, and excitement does not promote restful sleep.

I’ve tried a few different things to sleep. Keeping a notebook by my bed to jot down thoughts has helped me to clear my mind a bit. The fun happens in the morning when I try to decipher what I wrote down. I’ve also tried Melatonin, but it doesn’t work well for me. I find I sleep really hard, not deep. I dream, but I am restless and my body is tired. This doesn’t work for me when I have to get up in the night to help my daughters if they wake up.

pascoflairI was introduced to Pascoflair which is made with pure passionflower extract. Pascoflair is described as ‘a natural solution for anxiety and nervousness’. It does not act as a sedative. Instead it regulates neurotransmitters associated with calming.

I find that I am tired at night, my body is tired. My obstacle is calming my thoughts so my brain will let me sleep and this has proven to be a great aid. I take it about 30 minutes before I am going to turn in, then begin wrapping up my work. I don’t take it every day as I am usually on top of my thoughts, but this week has been an active one. I am also trying to organize before heading out to a conference in Toronto at the end of next week so there is some additional planning and my anxiety is higher than normal at the end of the day. On nights like these, Pascoflair has helped me to shut my brain up so my body can fall asleep.

If you want more information, you can check out the Pascoflair website.

What tips do you have for falling asleep and experiencing a good sleep throughout the night?

Disclosure: This Bird’s Day received Pascoflair to facilitate this post. The opinions expressed are those of the author’s and are not influenced by any outside factors.

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  • Avatar Jones Oct 3, 2013, 12:27 am

    Same here happens with me also . I also keep on thinking about lots of things all the day and sometimes gets confused what to do and what not to do .