Advertising on This Bird’s Website

This Bird’s Day is a Canadian mom blog that reviews and features products that are available to Canadian residents. I profile companies and bring awareness to new and existing products on the market. My focus is on family friendly products, places or services as long as Canadians have access to them.

Advertising Options
Currently I have advertising opportunities to fill 125 X 125 button ads. If you have an ad that is larger, but can be resized to fit 125X125, this will be accepted.

Your ad will be visible on every page of this site on the right side. Some ads will be listed above the fold with others falling just below the fold (may still be above the fold on certain browsers). They will be visible under the ‘This Bird’s Sponsors’ section.

Ads must be supplied and all ads and their links must be from family-friendly sites.

If you are interested in posting ads on This Bird’s Day, please email me at sheri(at)thisbirdsday(dot)com or fill in my contact form.