Book: 397 Ways to Save Money

I just finished reading 397 Ways to Save Money by Canadian author Kerry K. Taylor (HarperCollins Canada). Like many of you, I love saving money and finding new ways to be frugal without giving up the lifestyle I love is such a rush. This book has so many great tips in it for saving money in every aspect of your life. Whether you have kids, pets, a home, an apartment, are single or married, this book offers some great ideas to cutting costs without cutting your quality of life. It offers cost effective alternatives to many day-to-day expenses as well as tips for things I hadn’t thought of before.

One of my favorite sections is How to Start a Compost. Papa Bird and I have been thinking about composting for a while and this is a great section with a lot of good information.

The back of the book is also a great resource. There is a monthly checklist to maintaining your home so it runs more efficiently, healthy recipes to make nice family dinners for $5, a quick guide to small things you can do right now to start saving and a nice list of internet resources. Being Canadian, I love that Kerry, the author is from Canada and writes from a Canadian perspective as the resource links at the back of the book are applicable to me.

Kerry K. Taylor is also the writer behind Squawkfox, a blog about having fun and living frugal. I love this site and it has a lot of great tips for not only living a happy frugal life, but it also has some great posts on things like writing a resume and offers free printable workout logs and grocery checklists. If you get a chance, I recommend you check out her site and the book.

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