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A list of green changes that you can make that will save you money.

Green changes that will save you money

People are sometimes afraid about going green because they fear it will be hard on their wallets - as organic ...

Simple changes you can make to green your routine for Earth Day - photo copyright Sheri Landry

5 changes you can make to green your routine

People often think that living a greener lifestyle is something only the rich can afford to do. Here are some ...

Tips to take spring cleaning one step further.

Tips to take spring cleaning one step further

It's that time of year again. We open the windows to let fresh air in, go room to room cleaning ...

Trends (Current, trending, seasonal, etc)

Best Buy is closing all Future Shop locations. This is the lat flyer we will see from them. Photo credits Sheri Landry (

Target’s last days; and a goodbye to Future Shop

I find myself not wanting to think too much into this because I fear what the answer means for all ...


Unwrap the KINDER Surprise to Win on Facebook

Easter is quickly approaching and we will be spending the next week decorating and baking during our Spring Break. I ...

A new bylaw accepted by council in Taber, Alberta crosses some lines where the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is concerned.

Did Taber council cross the line with ‘corn-y’ community bylaw?

On March 5th, a new bylaw was signed into agreement by the mayor of Taber (the corn capital of Canada) ...

Inspiration (recipes, crafts, design, and more)

Playing on the beach in Mexico. Photo copyrights Sheri Landry

My scent story: sunny days and sandy beaches

With one deep breath, I am reminded of a warm sunny day spent enjoying my family. When I pause to ...

Carrot cake sugar cookies recipe

Carrot Cake Sugar Cookies recipe

I have been wanting to try this recipe since I made my coconut rum sugar cookies recipe last year. I ...

New Lysol Click Gel toilet bowl cleaners. Individually wrapped and easy to use.

Simple cleaning is my new favourite thing

After 41 years on this planet, I've decided that cleaning isn't a strength of mine. Now some people out there ...

The Blog (All the thoughts in my head, without the voices)

"Be the ray of light that someone may desperately need to see today." Sheri Landry, photo copyrights: Sheri Landry

100 days

Yesterday marked the 100th day that I did something for myself. I didn’t really announce I was doing it, or ...

My 10th birthday party

The best birthday parties ever

I was just chatting with (in my opinion) some of the best women anyone would be lucky enough to call ...

Hilarious read for any parent who's kids love Minecraft. Photo copyright Sheri Landry

Minecraft Meltdown

Last Wednesday afternoon was like any other except that something was brewing inside my little three year old and, unbeknownst ...