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How to turn an old dresser into a vintage chic change table

Turn an old dresser into a vintage chic change table

Who doesn’t love a good transformation? I don’t know about you, but I freeze to see what happens on any ...

How to budget for a bridal party. Photo copyright Karen Grigoryan on fotolia

How to save money as a bridesmaid / groomsman

Being part of a wedding party can come with an unexpected price tag. Outside of the dress and gift, there ...

How to keep your cool duing a heat wave. Photo copyrights freshidea on Fotolia

How to keep your cool during a heat wave

Heat waves are often welcome as a fun part of summer, but drastic weather changes such as this should be ...

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Tips from a parent of a wildly spirited teen. What one parent learned after a week of access to their teen's phone and social media.

Tips From A Parent Of A Wildly Spirited Teen

Once upon a time, not so long ago (only a couple of weeks, actually) in a land that is exactly ...

A list of our community's favourite Canadian songs and artists

Our favourite Canadian songs

Happy 148th birthday Canada! Whether you are having a backyard party, taking in the festivities around your town, or heading ...

Stats and ideas to help with the costs of summer camp from TD Bank.

Avoiding the summertime financial heat wave

At the end of this week, our kids will be done with school and ready for eight weeks of vacation ...

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Renovating my office for Make it Happen Monday with Motrin

Make it Happen Monday: The final reveal

I've spent the last couple of weeks taking back my Mondays by challenging my creative self to redecorate my office ...

Sunset at Cavendish Beach. Photo credit: Carrie Gregory

10 places to travel to this summer

Do you have some extra summer vacation kicking around and not sure what to do with it? Well pack your ...

Nutella Banana Split Breakfast

Nutella summer truck tour information

Pssst! ENTER OUR NUTELLA GIVEAWAY HERE!!! This weekend we kicked off  our oldest's birthday with a special breakfast inspired by ...

The Blog (All the thoughts in my head, without the voices)

"Be the ray of light that someone may desperately need to see today." Sheri Landry, photo copyrights: Sheri Landry

100 days

Yesterday marked the 100th day that I did something for myself. I didn’t really announce I was doing it, or ...

My 10th birthday party

The best birthday parties ever

I was just chatting with (in my opinion) some of the best women anyone would be lucky enough to call ...

Hilarious read for any parent who's kids love Minecraft. Photo copyright Sheri Landry

Minecraft Meltdown

Last Wednesday afternoon was like any other except that something was brewing inside my little three year old and, unbeknownst ...