Tips (How-to’s, DIY, help and more)

How to care for your cat during the winter months. Photo copyright Sheri Landry (This Bird's Day)

How to care for your cat in winter

I have been feeling bad for our cat lately. Our winter is long to us, but I imagine it feels ...

Fun how to tutorial to turn your shirts into girls dresses.

How to turn a t-shirt into a girls dress: tutorial

This weekend I turned two Pink Shirt Day shirts into dresses for my daughters in celebration of Pink Shirt Day ...

How to pack a medicine kit for travel. Things to consider, tips and ideas for a stress-free time with your family. Photo credit: Buntes Handtuch mit Muschel on Fotolia

How to pack a medicine kit for travel

Think about how many times in a week you need to grab something out of your medicine cabinet for you ...

Trends (Current, trending, seasonal, etc)

The other side to Target Canada's Liquidation. Consider this before going (or not going) to the store.

The Other Side of Target Canada’s Liquidation

Like many others, I watched with interest as Target Canada began their first day of liquidation sales. The tweets and ...


Share a heart this Valentine’s Day

This Valentine's Day, Dairy Queen has the perfect sweet treat, and it is perfect for two. Introducing the Red Velvet ...

photo copyrights: Sheri Landry

Target Edmonton update: West Edmonton Mall Store

I've been reading about a lot of the Target locations across Canada. It looks like some stores are near empty ...

Inspiration (recipes, crafts, design, and more)

Photo copyrights Sheri Landry

Stand up to bullying with Pink Shirt Day on February 25th

Every seven minutes someone is bullied on a playground in Canada ( A University of Guelph Bullying Study found that ...

Photo Copyright Sheri Landry

100 Families Program benefits Eczema sufferers

Hearing my youngest daughter's nails scratch against the dry skin on her legs and arms breaks my heart. Since birth ...

Cinnamon Heart Candy Martini for Valentine's Day

Cinnamon Heart Candy Martini Recipe

Valentine's is already on Friday. How did that happen? With our two young daughters, most Valentine's Day celebrations are done ...

The Blog (All the thoughts in my head, without the voices)

Hilarious read for any parent who's kids love Minecraft. Photo copyright Sheri Landry

Minecraft Meltdown

Last Wednesday afternoon was like any other except that something was brewing inside my little three year old and, unbeknownst ...


When Winter Wins

I feel like I need to write this post, partly because I don’t want to suffer in silence, but mostly ...

One of our back rooms (no kids allowed). This is the cleaner of our two storage rooms.

Purging my Material Memories

At about the same time the snow began to fly last fall, we started to go through our home room ...